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  1. it's about fucking time he won tbh Indeed, beating "voting for Ulillillia every year and him never winning" by half a point. Now that is fucking IDM!
  2. In certain places yeah, but it seems impossible into this place. The building top way round was my sneak, maybe I need to use the invisibility cloak thingy more but it lasts like 2 seconds so doesn't help too much.
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    not sure, but get 'the turner diaries' and you'll be on the correct government list I'm in a spot looking for a few different things to read atm, is this actually worth a go or is it just racist drivel?
  4. So, in determination to play the game without cheating, am I just really shit at Deus Ex: Mankind Divided??? Any sort of shooting just seems like I've never played a shooter before (I have), it just seems to be impossible to aim without jolting all over the fucking place. Thought I'd found a good entrance to a library I need to get in to sort out my systems which are dodgy from the start. Going through the front door I died before barely getting in, a few times. So, found a way round to another side on top of buildings and it's just as bad. Is this game actually hard or am I trying the wrong mission??? I've barely done anything and keep fucking dying!!
  5. Thought as soon as I started thinking I'd like to watch that that it wouldn't be available in UK Netflix. Turns out it is. On that later!
  6. Moving out my flat to rent with a mate which will save me a fair amount each month, but I still like having a flat to myself knowing that it’s costing me more than I can afford. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. Think I'm gonna give Altered Carbon a go and hope for the best. Finished House of Cards, not the greatest season but I don't see how they can easily write the next one without Spacey in it. Gave up on American Horror Story latest season. Don't know what kept me watching but after what's happened this time I cannot possibly go back to it.
  8. Stand up food mixer Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Big fan of Sky Force as well, and I hear you about the PS+ games - Rime just came out (had been wanting to try it when it was released and never got around to it), and I haven't even found the time to download it yet! Luckily i can use the library without downloading that month. Otherwise id be shit outta luck, panic at the end of every month and never play half the stuff I want to. Got my eye on Deus Ex next Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  10. Feel like I should play one of the other games I've been accumulating from PS+ but keep going back to MGS Phantom Pain. Those skulls are a bunch of cunts! Also been playing a bit of Sky Force Anniversary. Used to love a similar game years ago so it's a true trip down memory lane.
  11. Hobgoblin, followed by loads of Tanqueray & tonic until the inevitable collapse at about 1am
  12. Just done S3E2 of Bloodline. You know the bits at the end of a season when everything is very tense, well so far that's been happening for the whole of the first two episodes. Not impressed so far.
  13. London Pride and mixed unshelled nuts (Christmas init) Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  14. - Move out of my 1 bed flat into sharing flat to save much monies - Use saved monies from above to reduce owed monies to credit card companies
  15. Mindhunter - Wasn't massively impressed after the first episode but the second got me right into it. It does start to develop but I think I've got one more episode to go of the series and it doesn't feel like it's got anywhere near a conclusion. I may be wrong?
  16. spratters


    Yeah got about 20cm here (herts) just back from a nice jaunt to the pub. It’s what you gotta do. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Not currently capable but could somebody please put a burger in the hand of bcm’s last photo. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  17. Started watching Mindhunters after a recommendation from a couple of mates, could take it or leave it after first episode, the second though has really got me interested. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  18. I feel bad for you, looks like a shit experience. Going out drinking in London tomorrow and hope to get some delicious burger of some sort. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. the game gets more fun as you unlock more gadgets/weapons. you aren't given much at the beginning. Yeah that's what I was hoping for, I'm looking forward to investing some time into it. I've never got bored with the series in the past.
  20. MGS V: Phantom Pain Been so long since I played any MGS, can't remember any stories or anything really, but pretty impressed with it so far. Haven't quite got the stealth part of it yet, even from far away they seem to know where I am even using a silenced sniper.
  21. Single again Looks like will need to dive into internet dating at some point
  22. The first series was cracking, really worth a watch. Didn't think the second lived up to the first as well but worth watching too. Haven't seen any of the third yet. Yeah the first series is pretty true to life.
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