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Kahn & Neek - Lupus et Ursus

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Bristollian dubstep/grime/140 duo Kahn & Neek have released their first full length record!

Some tracks even feature such beloved emcees as Flowdan, Killa P, and Rider Shafique!
(I wonder who is the wolf and who is the bear, though presumably, based on the order,
Kahn is the wolf and Neek is the bear. But who is who in the artwork confuses me further)

Lupus et Ursus

1. Missed Calls
2. War Start (feat. Flowdan & Riko Dan)
3. Inadequacy
4. Bad Luck
5. What's the Secret? (feat. Franco Franco)
6. Baron Blood
7. Rally (feat. Riko Dan, Killa P, Irah, Long Range & Armour)
8. Delayed Atoms
9. Shallow Grave (feat. Rider Shafique)
10. Space Mutiny
11. Bastards
12. Sho Off (feat. Mez)
13. Tabhair Aire

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fucking lol track 7 is like my dream MC lineup, just minus Flowdan. all on the one track.

anyway yeah, keen af.

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