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  1. A bit of a while but bumping this thread! Gotta love Adrian Sherwood and his finest moments are, I think, to be found in his band
  2. Recommended to all in this thread including those who have since left the forum is the recent biography Dilla Time: The Story of the Hip Hop Producer Who Reinvented Rhythm
  3. https://hakunakulala.bandcamp.com/album/makila 1. Alarmed for Passion 2. Angels of Kivu 3. Apana Gusa 4. Fatiliya 5. Haaa-Hooo 6. Lupupu 7. Makila 8. Mazingira Is Bleeding 9. Nyiya 3 10. No Umeme This masterwork was released earlier this year on one of the hottest contemporary labels pushing dance styles forward: Kampala, Uganda's Hakuna Kulala. Chrisman combines influences from afro-Lusophone idioms like kuduro and kizomba as well as others such as industrial, ambient, gqom, and trap.
  4. https://hakunakulala.bandcamp.com/track/gods-groove
  5. Quite interested in this, Demdike Stare are dons and I love me some old school jungle
  6. https://infinitemachine.bandcamp.com/album/im096-aroent-say Sometimes, you might find yourself in the mood for some slightly idm-y techno, a little weird but still banging. This came out earlier this year in the spring, but I haven't seen any mention of it, which I'd like to rectify. Greatly enjoyed the music found herein and the album's artwork a bunch, too. There's also a remix of one of the cuts by Ploy.
  7. This whole album (the pieces on here are excellent if you're already converted to Lucier's whole thang...)
  8. Gotta check it out, didn't knowThe Sprawl existed also
  9. Never heard of Belle & Sebastian being labeled "Christian Rock".
  10. I look forward to giving this a listen. Rehberg is still greatly missed. His legacy as a popularizer of "computer music" and placing it more readily in the grasp of those outside the world of specialists and encouraging accessible versions of this art form really cannot be overstated.
  11. As someone who enjoys both bass music and academic electroacoustic music (natural for an Autechre obsessive I suppose) this was lovely and I must say it's probably my favourite Kode9 since his work around the time of the second album with Spaceape (RIP, still missed).
  12. Dynarec... old school. Before it was the name of a style of music, "vaporwave" was the name of a techno/electro label he founded. https://www.discogs.com/label/32933-Vaporwave
  13. First listen through to their reunion album:
  14. Here's some more piobaireachd (apologies if I post one of the tunes I already did, though sometimes mroe than one recording of the same is nice)
  15. I enjoy Bill Orcutt -- never heard any of his work using software
  16. Gotta check it out, I've enjoyed his productions a bunch
  17. The fact that they'd work on homemade reenactments is incredible and beyond what could even be reasonably asked for. It's okay if it's not in the near future. To quote a song title from one of my favourite musical groups, The Books, "If Not Now, Whenever" I absolutely do enjoy their livesets, they are an incredible live act, and their recent commitment to delivering excellent soundboards for around what the cost of a single ticket might be is more than a treat. But my priority regarding their musical releases is always to new songs, albums, and EPs.
  18. While I'm obviously glad to have fellow WATMMers share their boots and remaster jobs on those boots, d'y'all reckon Sean and Rob are gonna put up some soundboards for sale at some point (hopefully in the near future)? I'd imagine so, personally, they've got to be some of the musicians who are most appreciative towards their fanbase of any I can think of. It'd certainly be a guaranteed purchase for many of us on here, I know that much.
  19. Not sure abt that but I do know the lads are tapr-friendly
  20. si00 feels like a "water level" in a classic video game to me. In fact, compare this clip of Donkey Kong Country: with the Ae song in question:
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