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  1. Well, some of us are among the groups protected by the equity mandates he labels as worse than the Soviet Union. And many such groups are marginalized and may have to deal with verbal harassment and physical violence more than those whom the status quo protects.
  2. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/18/entertainment/daniel-radcliff/index.html https://pitchfork.com/news/weird-al-yankovic-biopic-to-star-daniel-radcliffe/
  3. Looking forward -- quite dig the whole Berite thing
  4. It's not what I'd expect, but two things I'd love from Ae: a noise album or albums science fiction film scores
  5. splesh

    elseq 1-5

    Do what ya gotta, it's excellent
  6. splesh

    draft 7.30

    I almost wish there was a remaster correcting this issue because otherwise the structures and sounds are so so great. Confield which is two years older doesn't feel it. And even if something like EP7 is chockful of preset sounding FM sounds, somehow those don't feel as immediately and intensely aging to the music therein. Sad but true. Otherwise, Draft 7.30 would surely rank higher in my estimation.
  7. splesh

    Indian music

    Big fan of (among other things which I don't always know the name of) the rudra veena heavy dhrupad ragas, particularly the Alap sections
  8. I recently preordered the new issue of Noisembryo (with bonus disc Noise Matrix) from Hospital Productions
  9. splesh

    draft 7.30

    Great album which unfortunately suffers from a handful of times where there are sounds which feel like DSP bends/glitch sounds which are too of their time (Xylin Room has an instance of this with something that sounds like the kind of interference you used to get on some speakers/soundsystems if someone was calling your cellphone while you were listening that you'd hear before your ringtone). There's old sounding DSP which isn't detrimental (even some that works to positive effect like on Sudden Roundabout and Reniform Puls) too, but this slight issue at its worst moments unfortunately puts a bit of a dampening on the replay value for me. VL AL 5 has some serious foreshadowing of Exai going on, but just more crammed together whoa.
  10. A user named DefaultXR on rateyourmusic.com posted this review of Exai on March 30, 2013. I just looooooooooove the irony of the first paragraph where they seem so oblivious as to seem intentionally ironic. In case you miss it, it's generally believed or maybe known in these parts that Untilted was itself heavily made on Machinedrum and Elektron gear
  11. Nothing personal though, having video of it going thru the generations is great to have. Not too interested in fighting over nothing, maybe you're right. Worth bumping the thread so more people can watch Golly in action with the album cover, a very worthy thing indeed. Has this been done for the cover of L-event too?
  12. Watched at quarter speed and jogged til the first stable generation I could find, #664. Blinkers oscillate but I consider them stable.
  13. Okay, I'll double check, but I swear the collision of the last glider happens just before (or just after) 666.
  14. Good catch! Also, I find the filtering on the vox in SonDEre-ix not dissimilar to that of the probe droid used by the Galactic Empire in the second Star Wars movie
  15. Bumping this to honor Phil's memory ;__________; We miss ya, pal I've often thought of Quaristice and its accompanying releases to be part of a narrative, why not NTS Sessions?
  16. A more percussive accompaniment to Oversteps, much of which I prefer to that, not crazy about the flutes of nth Dafuseder.b every time through, though
  17. First off, the former is perhaps easy to write off as filler (though at times it calls to mind parts of VI Scose Poise with a bit of imagination), a nothing of an interlude, as it lies between fan favourites Perlence and Simmm. You could call it a little segue onto the second side of the first LP (if you have the 2xLP version). Not too too much going on, really. Feels more of a reprise of its' counterpart than the corresponding cut does an extension of it, if you ask me. However, the latter, expanded version found on the limited Quaristice (versions), is a tasty treat which is nice to see the presence of among its cohort although I always find myself wishing it were longer still, or at least if this fleshed out rendition had made it to the album proper. Like some of my other Quari-faves like The Plc and IO (mons), this has some really fun vocal fuckery. And it also has some great oddball sense of of melodic content, too, which call to mind the Glasgow Art School set and other 2005 performances which were said to be instrumental to the nascent Quaristice. Aaaaaaand, the title gives us another reference to this being the ninth album (in Roman numerals).
  18. splesh

    Perlence losid 2

    I love how washed out this one is, no real clear contours. It's not a total blur but there are no clean "edges" to it, either
  19. It's funny -- contrary to its name, newbound seems to harken backwards to both Oversteps and Quaristice. If we can imagine Oversteps (and Move of Ten) as nearby moons to the planet Quaristice, newbound feels like some sort of vessel in midflight between the two celestial bodies with a decent amount of both the gaseous satellite and a little of the rocky surface of the homeworld still in view.
  20. I love the breakbeat feel of this one, and also the extreme minimalism of it
  21. Have a little respect for one of the greatest mathematicians of the 20th century and 21st so far pl0x Cool video until the end, because it stabilized before the 666th generation
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