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  1. Doesn't hurt to ask, given yr display name shows you be a junglist
  2. His channel's gone? Bummer. Maybe he'll get more of his tracks pressed to vinyl. I was kinda surprised when he started doing that. I still miss Luz1e's old soundcloud account as DJ Tabledance... I can't find her old tracks 😞 Is that you? Hi Phineus
  3. Fuck. This sucks, even besides his own compositions, dude really did some important work in bringing experimental electronic so called "computer music" to the masses. Mego might not be Warner Brothers but it did greatly expand the base of listeners for this kind of thing quite a lot
  4. Oh fuck yes! Love Joe's music and the ideas behind this mentioned in the press release/blurb seem an interesting combination of things. This first song sounds great and I may just "blind buy" it based on the strength of this single and my enjoyment of his other releases. Thanks, damo!
  5. splesh

    elseq 1-5

    Better yet, Milk DX it!
  6. https://livitysound.bandcamp.com/album/livity-sound-remixes What can I say, I love that Bristol vibe
  7. https://pressuredome.bandcamp.com/track/dd-13
  8. Dang, I know I'm late to the punch on this but Ricardo Villalobos is fucking awesome and so much more interesting than a lot of the other "microhouse" people out there. I can totally imagine Huerco S listening to Villalobos (among other things) and getting inspired. And I'm not saying I don't love me some Luomo, but this album, The au harem d'Archimede, never feels like "dance music for people who don't like dance music" but instead, a nice special treat for those who do like it
  9. What no mention of the samchillian (tip tip tip cheeepeeeee)? Invented by Leon Gruenbaum who one of his bandmates describes as "Joe Zawinul on speed", it's a wacky instrument/MIDI controller that's all based on changing pitches relative to one another. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samchillian https://www.leongruenbaum.com/samchilliankidchillian
  10. R&B and Soul Prince - Dirty Mind (1980) Prince's third album. Right after the self titled album, right before the first album to feature purple on the artwork. James Brown - Live at the Apollo, 1962 (1963, but this is the 2004 edition with bonus single mixes of some of the cuts) One of the classic live albums and a classic early career highlight (of which there are of course many) for The Godfather of Soul. Janet Jackson - Janet (1993) Too many many interludes, but solid early 90s R&B. eai Pascal Battus & Dafne Vincente-Sandoval - self-titled (2016) Two musicians: One on amplified plastic/polystyrene/paper and one on bassoon, both on electronics. Two discs: one of nine tracks, the other six. SQID - self titled (2015) A 2 disc quartet consisting of Angélica Castelló, Attila Faravelli, Burkhard Stangl, Mario de Vega. Electroacoustic improvisations and field recordings. And a booklet of lovely photographs to go with. Other things OOIOO - Gamel (2013) The awesome side project of Yoshimi P-We (known largely for her work with Boredoms) does an album inspired by/featuring extensive use of gamelan! Nikhil Banerjee - Live at De Kosmos, Amsterdam, 1972 (1995) Almost two and a half hours of raga. The CD format suits this rather well, better than an LP might but perhaps it was a cassette before. Here Banerjee is accompanied by Zamir Ahmad Khan on tabla and Rosina Wirsdorf on tampur. Carl Cox - The Sound of Ultimate B.A.S.E. (1998) Nice mix by an all time legend at the height of his powers. Before "techhouse" became a dirty word, when it was still a banging new sound.
  11. Techno: Rod Modell - Captagon (2019) From a maestro of some of the best dub techno not made by Basic Channel comes something faster than his usual material. This album is also named after an amphetamine popular in West Asia) Ken Ishii - Jelly Tones (1995) The third album from one of Japan's longest established techno producers, I think his best known as well. Sun Electric - Kitchen (1993) Album number one by Berlin's Sun Electric. Extremely classic 90s shit which exists in a very unusual musical gray area very peculiar to its time of techno, trance, ambient and first wave IDM (by this I mean the sort of stuff one found on the first volume of the Artificial Intelligence series). Early R&S goodness. The kind of thing WATMMers seem more attached to than the techno community at large. Dave Clarke - Archive One (1996) Collection of a bunch of tracks from the beloved English producer/DJ, not terribly much to say about it. Omar S - Fabric 45 (2009) A DJ set by a great producer of the current era of techno and house... consisting entirely of his own productions but which works equally well as either a set or an album. This is something that helped me get into techno when I was newer to the stuff. He also mixes in influences of house and electro. Noise: Cosmic Coincidence Control Center - Gnosis (2021 remaster of a 1994 album) A classic album Japanese harsh noise from John C. Lilly fans, as you can tell from the band name. These guys always seemed to be more out there and dare I say even hippie-ish, with album names like Amplified Crystal and Love & Noise. This album used to only exist on a very hard to come by audiocassette (though obviously there were rips floating around the usual channels) Incapacitants - Unauthorized Fatal Operation 990130 (2021 reissue with an extra live track added) Incapacitants are my favourites in the world of harsh noise and this is another entry in my collection (one of a few groups I would like to one day own all of). It's nice to have a CD edition of something that was previously only available as a CD-R [These last two albums are reissues by the relatively recently established Swedish noise/industrial/sound art label Usagi Productions https://usagiproductions.wordpress.com/ ]
  12. Will need to listen. Dug Awakening from the Illusory Self a fair bit.
  13. Sounds good but ~$50 for a CD is a lot more than I can justify. If I end up buying this it will be the digitals, sorry Mr. Gabriel.
  14. Nice! Looking very much fwd to this, my wife and I really loved Stadium
  15. Yeah, the way it uses the stereo field is pretty incredible. A few great examples of this is are: prac-f (disc 1 track 3), 1 1 is (disc 2 track 1), runrepik (disc 2 track 3) and vekoS (disc 1 track 6).
  16. splesh

    elseq 1-5

    For me, too; though truthfully, NTS Sessions is right behind it. I don't know if I ever appreciated the rave stabs aspect to 13x0 step til now
  17. New Derek Carr is great news, love his classic European bleep meets Detroit sound
  18. My bad, sometimes struggle with telling people's tone. It sounded like the "zzzzzz" was directed at the subject even being brought up in the music. Sorry for reading your comment in bad faith, bud.
  19. So... you don't give a shit about systemic racism? What are you even saying here, doc?
  20. Nice, I love all things Skanna. One of my favourites of the whole 1993/darkcore/darkside sound
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