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  1. I love the consistency of sound and vibe throughout this
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXtmIQ9hmKc
  3. splesh


    Welcome to WATMM! 🙂
  4. It just changed so here's both
  5. https://svbkvlt.bandcamp.com/album/rushlight Great album with influences from disparate styles such as UK drill, amapiano, and dubstep. Swimful's other stuff is recommended but this might be one of my favourite dance related releases from this year.
  6. No but I sometimes like to share things I think WATMM might like
  7. Gold Panda's still around, eh? Guess I'll give it a listen
  8. Wow, this is really great. One of my favourite things all year and it just came out so recently!
  9. Masterfully done, Herr Wurstwasser. What software are you using? Honestly super banging hard techno that is nonetheless replete with Autechre flavour would be/is already something I yearn for
  10. Great stuff from a great producer and a great label
  11. Looking fwd to hearing this. Love me some dgoHn!
  12. A pretty nice haul all and all if a bit rushed, but got it on holidays and the store was pretty nice if a bit limited in some crucial parts like their amount of electronic music * Main - Firmament III (ambient drone from former shoegazers) * Gangsta Boo - Both Worlds *69 (If you like Three 6 Mafia, be sure to check this one out, she was a member in their earlier days including such widely beloved works as Mystic Stylez) * Steve Roden - Three Roots Carved to Look Like Stones (Lowercase isn't everyone's cup of tea but it is mine) * MC Nas-D & DJ Freaky Fred - It's My Cadillac (Got That Bass) (I'm sometimes a sucker for Miami Bass) * Two recordings of some works by modern composer Giacinto Scelsi, one of which is a recording of Ensemble 2E2M conducted by Paul Méfano from 1990 and one is a recording of the Münchener Kammerorchester conducted by Christoph Poppen from 2006 * Aswad - Hulet (Before they went pop, these British future reggae stars released two albums which were rootsier/more soulful, of which this is the second) * The 2003 reissue of the Arditti String Quartet's performance of Luigi Nono's sole piece for string quartet (as well as another string work) Fragmente; Hay que caminar * Sly and Robbie - Rhythm Killers (kinda cool kinda trash album from the master rhythm section produced by Bill Laswell and featuring guests ranging from Bootsy Collins to Henry Threadgill)
  13. I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth because I am loving what we've been hearing from the twentytwentytwo tour, and yet... Bull Wallet, Kiosk, ... what lies on the other side of SIGN and PLUS, if anything? I'm not so sure another album, EP, or single, honestly. After naming a bonus track "key osc" after Kiosk, and more recently the twin fourteenth albums and their names being both a reference to signed number representations, definitively lampshading our Ae-fan joke "sean pls", and a recent comment Sean made in the AMA, I'm inclined to think there will not be any such thing, at least not any time soon. (I know, sort of a bummer and ridiculous to start this thread with such a nonstarter. My bad. The only thing I feel even close to certain of in this regard, is that if there is to be a new release that it seems fairly unlikely to have an official hard copy. After all, the pressings of NTS Sessions were limited editions and Ae were among the earliest groups (along with Radiohead's In Rainbows) to state the digital files of their album (remember when Quaristice came out almost 15 years ago now?) was the definitive version? If they do put out a new album, if they do change their sound yet again, it seems highly doubtful to me that they will give up Max/MSP and/or other sorts of generative approaches as well as no longer doing any granular synthesis. But only time will tell. Take your time if you are, Sean and Rob, always sounds good, never sounds rushed.
  14. Can't have a dedicated thread about women in hip hop without it objectifying em, and started by a mod no less lmao fuck this place
  15. I wish there was a new CD repress. The idea of doing a third instalment would make a lot of sense. Perhaps too much it seems 😞
  16. I don;t know if I know his music offhand but 12k and Room40 are both great labels that rarely disappoint, so I'll need to look into this
  17. Currently revisiting Jonny L's debut album Sawtooth. Some early shambolic techstep but still holds up fairly well 25 years later, at least if you're into this side of dnb
  18. Dramatized biopic of @Joyrex with the main villains being @Redruth , Richie Ball, lion, and sinicalypse but so fictionalized no one would recognize any of these people as being derived from the people they were
  19. MHTRTC isn't my favourite LP but I do love Hi Scores and wish the former had more of the vibe of the latter. Guess I need to relisten to Boc Maxima. Although my favourite full length of the Sandison bros is Geogaddi, I do love the sound of not their oldest oldest material like that which is found on Old Tunes but the sound of Hi Scores is very nice indeed. But my favourite album of theirs is Geogaddi because of masterworks like Gyroscope and Music is Math, which although less evocative of the old library music influences, are amazing sound worlds with intricate details and programming in their own right.
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