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Silicon Scally - Mr Machine PT 2 (Cultivated Electronics)

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The ever-prolific Carl Finlow will be dropping a 3x12" album not even 6 months after the great Plasmoids 2LP.

Vinyl seems to have been pushed to mid-July but you can already stream it:



Silicon Scally, the alias of electronic music producer Carl Finlow, released his critically acclaimed album 'Mr Machine' in 2002 on SCSI-AV. The album was a masterful blend of electro and sci-fi soundscapes, showcasing Finlow's unique style and production prowess, which took the listener on a journey through a futuristic world of machines and technology. It ranks as one of the finest electro records of the early noughties.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Sync 24's Cultivated Electronics label is proud to present 'Mr Machine PT 2'. Like its predecessor, the new album is filled with intricate synth melodies, driving rhythms, and pulsating basslines, all perfectly balanced to create an immersive listening experience.

'Mr Machine PT 2' once again showcases Finlow's ability to not only create relentless beats for the dancefloor but also dynamic soundscapes that transport the listener to another world. Created using a mixture of both old analog gear and very modern plugins, both albums were written with a very strong emphasis on the machine aesthetic, reflecting the cutting edge of what was available at their respective times. Futuristic and timeless.

The album will be released on triple-pack vinyl and digitally.


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1 hour ago, Neurodancer said:

Yeah, nothing on CE's Bandcamp yet, dunno why it came out so early on Spotify.

I've got the vinyl on pre-order, the shop I'm getting it from lists the release date as the 23rd, so should be out by Friday (if there are no pressing delays or something else).

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