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  1. From the description above, it sounds like they reversed the arc, because the first one had pretty much escalating intensity from beginning to end – not sure about the actual material being played though.
  2. Talking about Lisbon A here, it would be hard to ask for a better first time seeing them, that amalgamation of dance styles being twisted and mangled in ever unexpected ways, but still making you unable to sit still – they definitely didn’t let the auditorium context get in the way of smashing everyone’s face in with the most satisfying beats. Speaking of faces, given it was a Portugal debut there was also this kind of communal feeling in seeing so many familiar ones that I got to know from this kind of music over the years, all of them clearly waiting a long time for this and with a big smile by the end of it. Can’t wait for the recording!
  3. This was a masterclass
  4. This is too fucking sad. Been a fan of most stuff since Negative Fascination and always admired the consistency in and around the music. Plus, he was an incredible DJ, blew my mind twice – I was lucky to be on the lineup of the last one, though some damned delays didn't allow more than a few minutes with him, you could tell he was an enchanting person. Huge loss.
  5. Another reissue coming up: https://wemerecords.com/shop/ceephax-acid-crew-ceerial-port-ice-ice-baby-vinyl-pre-order/
  6. Here's a couple of electro mixes I've done, you can find tracklists inside
  7. Yes! Will most likely be sold out by the end of the day.
  8. https://www.culturgest.pt/en/whats-on/autechre-ae_live-2024/ At long fucking last it happened
  9. April 9 at MUTEK Barcelona: https://barcelona.mutek.org/en/news/mutek-barcelona-announces-autechre-as-the-first-headliners-of-the-2024-edition More here: https://autechre.warp.net/shows
  10. Pretty sure there won't be any in the short term, I saw a comment from Disciples on IG where they said something closer to the original packaging could be coming out next year. I couldn't resist but ordering both right away, love these records too much.
  11. YES – I've been feeling that the various Drexciya-related reissues of recent years were building up to this. Not even that bummed about it coming in one of those often dangerous PVC sleeves. Nevermind, it's housed in "clear poly inner sleeves", nice!
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