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  1. All tʌntrə series releases one squid for 24 hours. 16 compilations, enough ambient to create a TAZ of liquid existence.
  2. dcom


    Here's an electro mix I did for Gladio Operations' podcast series.
  3. I continued to pester Bleep/Warp/Ochre about the vinyl replacements for the glitches, and they replied mentioning only CDs and that the downloads have been fixed. I replied again to ask why they're telling me about replacement CDs when I'm explicitly asking about replacement vinyl - let's wait and see.
  4. Pretentious much? I love me some pretentious postmodern wordwankery, but that's just... wankery.
  5. dcom


    Yes, and read about the motivation, the sources, whys and wherefores of making the fan edit.
  6. Not techno, but. Dionysiac is one of my favourite Eat Static tracks.
  7. Twenty percent of U.S. adults think Covid vaccine is a secret microchipping program (YouGov via BoingBoing)
  8. A new album from Detroit Underground head honcho Kero, skittering, stuttering, glitchy beats and breaks, quite Gescom-ish. Highly recommended, available on vinyl and in digital. There's also some related NFTs, if you're into that.
  9. GPR is one of my all time favourite labels and I've read from various sources that Third Shock was next in line on the release schedule, but the label folded with only Disrupt released on Digital Millennium (one of my biggest favourites off the compilation) - which was the last release on the label. There's a single track on Touchin' Bass's Rewire compilation (there was a Kickstarter for it including a streamable [and easily downloadable, 128 kbit] version of Mermaid One - which wasn't included in the release itself), Geometry Of Hope (alas - vinyl only), then there's Schedule One on CD on Gamma Proforma, Kindly Dad 12" on the short-lived Mutant Disco label ran by Beaumont Hannant and Richard Brown (there was just one other release on it, Laura Numans [no relation to Gary] Rabid/Damned) and the two digital only Third Shock releases on Gamma Proforma, Sampler and Mermaid/Manhole. I've asked directly from a couple of people related to Gamma Proforma, but haven't received a reply. Third Shock themselves are also an enigma, they've dropped off the grid completely and there's no information anywhere who they were. Someone must have the Mermaid/Manhole digitals stashed somewhere - anyone? Mermaid One from the Rewire Kickstarter page sounds really interesting, so I would really, REALLY want to get my hands on the full release.
  10. A new downtempo IDM psychedelia album from MOREGO. Recommended.
  11. Darker beat driven electronics. Recommended.
  12. Spacious & glitchy classic style IDM album from Build. Recommended.
  13. Oh, I didn't notice that the topic was modified from proverbs to malaphors - damn the torpedoes.
  14. We'll burn that bridge when we get to it.
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