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  1. Paul Rose gives his 2018 album a final treatment, releasing the ultimate version. Techno, electro and whatnot for dancing and dreaming, currently PWYW. Highly recommended.
  2. Massive eight track EP from Uun, again one of my favourite techno producers; dark, deep techno journeys with plenty of rhythmic variance. Highly recommended.
  3. Reeko has been one of my techno mainstays during the years. and once again, he doesn't disappoint: three tracks of panoramic techno driven by syncopated beats. Highly recommended.
  4. Previously featured on Kaer'Uiks' Six Circuits compilation, Hexalyne pummels with an album of crunchy glitchy goodness that'll make your teeth itch. Highly recommended.
  5. Weirded out experimental IDM-electro from the Spacebar Sentiments/Pretension category. Highly recommended.
  6. Beautiful four tracker of snappy rhythmic soundscapes. Recommended.
  7. @brian trageskin do you have absolute pitch or do you use tools and/or instruments to determine pitches/modes?
  8. I've bought many full discographies, Bandcamp adds them all as individual releases in your collection, so yeah, It's a bit of a bother as the collection tools are bloody awful, I've currently got 3765 releases in it and it's practically unusable as you can't filter or organize it properly with facets like label, artist, etc. or tag/label them yourself, there's only the godawful free text search which doesn't work like it should. I've approached Bandcamp with plenty of suggestions to make it better, or at least try to get them to publish an API so I could pull the collection (meta)data somewhere else and make proper tools for myself, but to no avail.
  9. Fresh album, only one track available at the moment, yet colour me interested. Waiting for more to make judgement.
  10. Web3 is going just great ...and is definitely not an enormous grift that's pouring lighter fluid on our already-smoldering planet.
  11. I think it's weird that this label calls itself Artificial Intelligence, then doesn't acknowledge the Warp compilations and series at all, yet it seems that they think of it as a tribute - but the SoundCloud blurb has Artificial Intelligence™ at the end, making it even more weird. Nevertheless, some interesting tracks in there, @mause represent.
  12. Force is on the Soundtrack [313] album and on this Peacefrog compilation that has all the tracks from both DEC's short-lived eponymous label releases, The Braille EP and Shifting Gears, couple of album tracks and Orange, which is exclusive to it. The other DEC album, Black Buildings, is also available from Peacefrog. Black Buildings/EP has two exclusive tracks, Plumb and Nebulae, not available anywhere else; Blue Science/Between Dubnotes: The EP, has exclusives, too. Stitch is an exclusive compilation track.
  13. Got my Pickton-signed copy yesterday. Loving it.
  14. I splurged on one of the Truly Limited Editions, alternate Sirio colors, anthracite. Can't wait to see how it looks IRL.
  15. Mike Wells of Gridlock/Under (w/ Mike Cadoo) and Mike Wells Mastering.
  16. On 2's Day i.e. Tuesday 2022-02-22 our little man turns two.
  17. First round almost complete, and I love all five releases. Great work, musicians and label both.
  18. Today is 3OP day for me, picked up those I yet hadn't from Bandcamp, made a playlist which is on now. Three hours, I can get two rotations while I work.
  19. SHXCXCHCXSH is great, and Stenström's other alias, SSTROM, is equally good. Check out his own label, Rösten.
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