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  1. My favourite track is Blackpool Late Eighties (the polymetric melody phrase is the thing), then most probably Renata, but all in all it's full of brilliance.
  2. This is so good, dub techno sensibilities abound, minimal repetitive things, snatches of melody.
  3. New ambient-leaning album from Marco Repetto. Highly recommended.
  4. New Oval album. Looking forward to hearing more.
  5. Emotive IDM melodies and pad layers w/ minimal dnb-tempo skittering beats in full album length. Recommended.
  6. Massive 35 track V/A compilation from artists known and unknown, a virtual smorgasbord of various electronics. PWYW, highly recommended.
  7. IDM sensibilities, melodies and skittering beats from my fellow Finn on a Finnish label. Recommended.
  8. Superb new album from hard techno stalwarts Iesope Drift after over 25 years of silence. I went above and beyond in the late 1990s so that I could get my hands on everything they released back then, and now their approach has mellowed out and this new album is much more mature, exchanging brute force to more thought-out expression and experimentation, making this album more IDM in contrast to the dark warehouse belters from beyond the millennium. Extremely highly recommended.
  9. Dub Tractor's new album kicks off the 10 year celebration of Touched Music, almost minimal melodic synthwork and ambience, great for comedown Sundays. Highly recommended.
  10. Digital self-release of the Maltese electro master's latest album, originally released as vinyl only and now available in digital from the source. Highly recommended, RIYL everything on Nebulae.
  11. Ambient goodness from Arovane. Recommended.
  12. dcom

    Vinyl Represses!!

    The new t-shirts are nice, especially the Draft 7.30 one. I think I've probably listened to both albums once or twice on vinyl, so my OG releases are pristine, but I'm still tempted to get archival copies... but I've splurged so much on GAS lately that I'll have to resist.
  13. I bought an iRig 2 for 10 € and with that I can finally use the Roland E-4 with any input signal through the mix out jack, I just tortured the Erebus for twenty minutes going through the E-4's scatter, sounds great with the right ones. Now I'll have to run the whole gamut of scatter variants to learn what goes well with what. Noice.
  14. The Crypto Token Economy Is Second-Order Fraud (Sohale Andrus Mortazavi/Quillette)
  15. Latest album from Sheffield's iNFO, beautiful melodic electro and classic deep IDM. Highly recommended, RIYL Nuron, ReKaB, Spin Fidelity, Darren Nye... PWYW for a couple of days.
  16. This ‘Cryptoqueen’ scammed investors out of $4 billion, the FBI says. Then she boarded a plane and disappeared (CNN)
  17. Fantastic new album from synth aficionado Ambidextrous. Highly recommended.
  18. April 7th seems to be the provisionary release date for Nativist. I'm stoked, Ultradyne's been on my instabuy list since E Coli.
  19. Slammin' electro compilation from Portuguese label Ovelha Trax. Recommended.
  20. Tasty synthbient album from the electro producer. Recommended.
  21. Driving and rolling dancefloor techno belters from the Spanish meister. Highly recommended.
  22. Reissue of Stinson's 20-year old solo album w/ new artwork + extra tracks from the CD version. Highly recommended.
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