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  1. Yeah, currently I've got about 35 shelf-metres of books, 25+ shelf-metres of vinyl (that's over a metric ton/2200 lbs of atoms) etc. None of my friends have ever been to two of my moves, and with good reason.
  2. Yeah, that happens, paper has physical longevity, especially when treated right. I've got proper storage boxes for all my comics, graphic novels and assorted miscellania, and my wife hates them, because they take up space and they're non-negotiable (the other ones are books, records, and audio equipment).
  3. I've had them all as collected hardbacks since my teens, wouldn't part with them for the world. Sandman needs to be read on paper, although I've been dipping into digital comics during the past few years as well.
  4. Yeah, I was contemplating that one, too, and Polyend Play, but Pyramid's features got me in the end. I read through Toraiz Squid's manual and it didn't grab me like Pyramid's did. Polyrhythms, polymeters, euclidean things, and other rhythmic tomfoolery is what I'm after, and I didn't readily find those with Squid - although it has plenty of other things going for it. Let's see when I get my Pyramid.
  5. Steve O'Sullivan's first album as Bluetrain, never mind that he's been using the alias for 25 years. House doesn't get more dub than this. Highly recommended.
  6. I'm a detail-oriented person (being an aspie helps quite a bit), give me a complex environment and I'll just deconstruct and reconstruct it at will, it just takes time. I'm a computer programmer by trade, and what I mostly do is that I take an existing codebase of perhaps ill repute, learn it as well as possible and then make it better. Based on loopop's Pyramid tutorial, I won't have any problems handling the thing if it does what I want. I've been teaching myself the ins and outs of all the boxen I've amassed, it's fun grokking stuff that makes noise. Instruments like Cre8audio's East Beast/West Pest or the Volcas are easy AF, but they also have hidden depth when there are emergent properties that open up only after you know how to do all the things. Dreadbox's Typhon is menu-diving, and Nymphes doesn't even have a display, so you'll just have to learn it by heart. Then you have the semi-modular side with the Cre8audios, Minibrute 2S et al., ... evwell. Let's just say I won't be bored for a while. Oh yeah, and why a hardware sequencer and not a DAW? That's what I want to do at the moment, nothing else - the learning curve is steep, but the skills and abilities are directly transferable to a DAW environment. The first proper sequencer I ever used was Music-X on an Amiga 2000, after first pushing Amiga's trackers (Sound/Pro, Octamed) to their limits (the reason I went for Polyend), so I'm not intimidated by software or hardware.
  7. I'm turning 48 in under a week, what's your point? But to answer your question - no.
  8. Hangups as in bugs or as in you just didn't jell with it? If Pyramid doesn't work for me, I'll offload it to someone else and try out Toraiz Squid, but Pyramid has nativte support for polyrhythms, polymeters, and euclidean things, arbitrary-length patterns and variations, mono/poly sequencing etc. - and I'm a computer geek anyway, so I'll feel at home with weird key combos and learning difficult things. I'm optimistic about Pyramid, let's see how I get along with it.
  9. That's all Greek to me.
  10. I've been reading through the Squarp Pyramid manual, and I think that it's the sequencer I need to get, the features and workflow align with my requirements and ambitions.
  11. I've got a few different MIDI boxes, some with extra features: ESI M4U Ex - a somewhat versatile 8 DIN jack + 3 USB port interface Retrokits RK-006 - a very versatile tool for MIDI and sync things, 10 TRS(-A) ports w/ support for up to 160 devices (!) and mapping MIDI to all kinds of CV/gate/sync signals Blokas Midihub - MIDI interface/processor with amazing features for almost anything you can think of Doepfer Dark Link - USB/MIDI-to-CV translator, quite capable Cre8audio East Beast and West Pest have built-in MIDI-to-CV conversion that can be patched out, so they're cool as well.
  12. The preview track is great, I wish I'd had the foresight to buy all the previous releases on vinyl - I thought I'd be happy with the digital. Now the vinyl is 60-80 € per slab, and I'm slapping my forehead in frustration.
  13. 4 + 1 weeks of summer vacation starting from yesterday. I'll start by doing absolutely nothing for a few days.
  14. Now I'm lusting after this. Not the coffee, mind you.
  15. Oh, the shame of not checking for a duplicate, maybe a mod could merge this to @species8472's?
  16. Brilliant melodic electro from Ben Evans on Science Cult. Highly recommended.
  17. Double EP full of crunchy dark dancefloor electro. Recommended.
  18. From ambient through house to emotive melodic techno and beyond, Vid Vai's first album is a tasty charcuterie w/ hints of Detroit influence. RIYL John Beltran, John Shima, Derek Carr, Darren Nye. Highly recommended.
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