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VST Distortion

Guest idrn

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Guest Idiron's Giblets

so i'm pimping out my new laptop with vst's and i'm seriously lacking in the distortion department.

what would you peeps recommend for dirty, messy, grindy gabba-esque bass warbling?

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check out smartelectronix and grab these:


dfx geometer

cyanide 2


lots of mda stuff


also get anticode. dirty/glitchy stuff.


yeah, cyanide 2 is the shit :excl:

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i still like z3ta and reaktor.


Reaktor for noobs:

1) Get a Cubic Shaper Module (insert module->audio modifier).

2) Right click and create controls for "par" , "cub" , and "lin"

3) Route your audio through the "in"

4) Take the output of the Cubic Shaper and sent it to a saturator (audio modifier)

5) Adjust par, cub, and lin knobs to your desire

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get some waveshapers (any reccomendations?), some multimode sorts of things, tridirt, basic hardclipper, saturation, rectification, lotion.

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but i rarely use digital distortion these days (only for foldback-style distortions).. cant beat the crunchy sound of good tube overdrive... i'm working on a bass-sound right now with my microwaveXT and sherman, using the internal overdrive of the sherman, its fucking raw and nasty caustic wild animal in your face spewing acid style but also with a sub-sub infrabass, bowel emptying layer underneath it, it rips shit basically

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