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10 million flies can't be wrong


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  • 13 years later...

I can no longer find the link that contained the mp3, I have them if you're interested.  
Jim Roche is a performance artist who used the people who he grew up around as inspiration to perform poems.  At the end of Luke's song/set he referenced the poetry of Roche as "foul, racist, nonsense"  The poem in which Roche states' Ten million Flies cannot be wrong..."  is titled "Hippy's are living proof that a N----r will fuck a dog"  

Roche is a highly controversial artist who later appeared in "Silence of the Lambs"  he explains his work thusly: 
"You were not there during the early 70’s when the audio characters I recorded were around. The country was at complete odds with itself, upheaval was everywhere. The characters that I did audio tapes about were real. Life is real. Artist observe and give back what they see. You are only looking at one small fragment of my work. Hippys are living………………… was text taken off the wall of the Red Hot Truck Stop near Arkadelphia, Ark."

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