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  1. Anybody sniffed that Valvable yet? I keep looking out for it, but not finding it.
  2. Anyone ever complied a comprehensive list of all the remixes? There's more than you think, and I have a hard time keeping a handle on them all because they're so spread across. A list would be good.
  3. Yeah, it's the 2:00 clips, but it's all of them now, not just two of them.
  4. All of those Valvable preview tracks are available for, erm, previewing now.
  5. Did we ever find this one? New to me, I think...
  6. 10 track, approx 2 minutes each, that's only 20 minutes.
  7. Are those the actual track lengths? The sample tracks seem to cut off before song completion, so I'm guessing those are actually the lengths of sample track portions that simply haven't been made available, possibly?
  8. Anyone have the deets on that Denver show? I could possibly make that one...
  9. Is that an actual thing, colunga, or did you make that up?
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