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  1. Well shit, I was hitting refresh on my computer all goddamned day yesterday! Where is Rave Hop?!
  2. Of course the internal logic thing goes for all of Vibert's different incarnations.
  3. Some thoughts on the "Luke Vibert Presents" series. This is some really focused work. It's as if there's some internal logic that has been interpreted in four distinct styles. I say four because it occurs to me that these records are probably the continuation of the series that Luke began with "UK Garave Vol. 1," as it seems to have the same internal logic. I assume they were probably conceived to come out on a radically different schedule. Wonder what happened? Sitting here waiting for Rave Hop to drop...
  4. Just want to say, this one is fab.
  5. I've got shipping on all records too. Modern Rave is supposed to release digitally tomorrow.
  6. Lids on tight for these last two. Anyone heard these in their entirety yet? Oh, everyone but me?
  7. Whew, got it! Thanks chaps!!
  8. Oof, 'Presents Amen Andrews is sold out already. Just managed to snag the other two.
  9. I acquired this on vinyl somewhere along the way. 'Don't see it too often...
  10. I actually checked on my order, derp. Seems it shipped on the 9th and should arrive anytime. Hopefully tomorrow. The wait for this one has been murder!
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