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  1. I acquired this on vinyl somewhere along the way. 'Don't see it too often...
  2. I actually checked on my order, derp. Seems it shipped on the 9th and should arrive anytime. Hopefully tomorrow. The wait for this one has been murder!
  3. Anyone received black vinyl yet? Good lord! I got an email saying the black would be shipping last week, still nothing and no shipping notification! Also, talk about the album...
  4. Anybody sniffed that Valvable yet? I keep looking out for it, but not finding it.
  5. Anyone ever complied a comprehensive list of all the remixes? There's more than you think, and I have a hard time keeping a handle on them all because they're so spread across. A list would be good.
  6. Yeah, it's the 2:00 clips, but it's all of them now, not just two of them.
  7. All of those Valvable preview tracks are available for, erm, previewing now.
  8. Did we ever find this one? New to me, I think...
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