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dj stingray ~ aqua team

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A Silicon Romance

B1 Mindless

B2 Counter Surveillance



Recorded in Detroit, Made in Belgium.




get it from 'ere ..perhaps


i say definitely

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Guest mrgypsum

i am such a vinyl nazi, but i can hope that this might come out as a flac or wav or something, otherwise i may never get to own it.

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please note the following was NOT conducted by weetabix or the member formerly known as A_S_T:


Q:Where did you meet Heinrich Mueller?



A:We met through his colleague, To Nhan Le Thi, who has been the closest friend to my soul for many years.




Q:Why did you decide to cooperate with him?



A:He is very intellectual, creative and likes the challenges these bring. He is also very forward thinking and I love his style of sounds. It came natural to cooperate. We both like each others theories.




Q:What is your musical background?



A:Singing and playing the drums.




Q:What is the subject of your common project?



A:The subject or concept of Black Amnesia is about the future of the human emotional state, the science and theory of it, dreams versus reality, the impending darkness of the future of the mind, and how we have to face this. Memories and history also play an important part, may we learn from them. Psychological.




Q:What is your role in this project?



A:Singing, lyrics and visual aspect.




Q:What kind of music can we expect from both of you?



A:Dark, cinematic electronic.




Q:Have you already recorded any tracks?



A:In the process.




Q:How does your work look like?



A:Classical futurism; dark with glimmers of light; emotional.





Q:What is your opinion about Heinrich Mueller as an artist?



A:I very much respect his musical compositions and theories - he truly expresses the notion of science through the music. He is well organized and conceptually sound.




Q:When will we be able to listen to the results of your cooperation?



A:In due time.

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