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nothing but the funk

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I like sweet hour of soul, but i couldnt really make sense of the melody


Nothing but funk sounds exactly the same except with different tuning, the melody made a bit more sense in this one.

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ok. ya got some interesting sounds here, but let me propose an idea. Export it as a .wav but don't use the glitch effect at all. then use a traditional wav editor, like audacity or cool edit to try and recreate the same/similar glitchy sound. It is a necessary learning experience IMO, as many have said, that glitch effect is overused and slightly generic. Using a .wav editor allows you more control BY FAR, more options, and sounds infinitely better. using glitch is for quick fixes if it is to be used tactfully or at all. I'm not trying to tell you what to do (ok i am, but ONLY BECAUSE I CARE), but you do NOT want to end up reliant on that piece of software (or any one, but that in particular.).

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