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i tried to make some minimal stuff


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I made some notes while listening:


00:21 soft clicks and blops

00:48 a rhythm coming together

00:54 there it is. quite nice

01:29 louder cladong thing

01:45 a pad comes in, quite like this

02:03 unusual chord change, not sure about that

02:21 new chord and so on until

03:28 the clicks and cladong thing stop

03:49 nice chord

04:05 we are treated to a lovely bassline

04:23 another chord change that i'm not sure about, but the bassline follows it nicely

05:55 i'm settling into really enjoying this now. the bassline continues to be great, the clicks are good, and the chords continue to lurk

06:28 change of rhythm

07:14 like the little wiggles in the bass like the one that happens here

07:30 bass and clicks only, still fond of that bassline after getting to know it well for over 3 minutes

08:43 the end


So overall I quite liked it, though there was a couple of chord changes that felt strange to me. You can tell from the above that I liked the bassline, but I think you could shave a few minutes off the start of the track and introduce the bassline earlier. I sometimes enjoy sparse tracks if there are interesting elements to focus on, but the first 4 minutes of this track are a bit too empty for me - cut out the first 2 or 3 minutes and you've still got a sparse/minimal track!

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Guest tht! tne

overall i like it but it is a bit sparse

liked the pad and the bassline a lot

i disagree with zazen about trimming it

it just wouldn't have the same effect

without that slow gradual build

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Guest Caustic
I tried making some minimal stuff the other day.


Cage's lawyers sued my ass into the ground.


true story.






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Guest awkward

does it help to be stoned whilst listening i wonder? so far reminds me of raster norton stuff i've heard. certainly a slow burner. like when the bass kicks in. really added some interest which was missing to that point. this track is so quiet. i know its meant to be minimal but a little volume wouldn't hurt. overall i liked it, but it needs a little more interest adding to make it great. i imagine you got pretty hynpotised making this

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