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  1. Cover of Lightning by Phillip Glass by Glisssssssssendo aka Le Snob
  2. Some of my favourite stuff from the last decade or so is by Ochre
  3. If I was just going to get one of the Midnight Sun albums, which would it be? and ... who here has been to Finland?
  4. Its kindof like having limited edition vinyl even though an mp3 recording of that vinly is on limewire. Everyone has copies of the music, and anyone can listen to the music, but only 250 people have the round piece of PVC with the soundwaves of the music etched into it Where money meets the world of art, there's very little that makes any sense.
  5. zazen

    afx nft

    This actually slaps
  6. zazen

    afx nft

    If you look at the Foundation page for Aphex Twin it says 'invited by weirdcore' and if you look at Weirdcore's page they've had a bunch of Non-Fungible Tokens on there that have sold for an Eth or two. So probably RDJ is doing this to help Weirdcore out. To me paying for an NFT makes about the same amount of sense as paying for an original banksy or an original damian hirst or whatever - the picture or painting could be copied just as easily as any digital artwork. Is the original any better to look at than a reproduction? Which is to say, NFTs dont make much sense, but then nothi
  7. Here's a good one, in 2008 I was sortof running an unoffiical 'watmm remix competition' with the submitted tracks being anonymous. This Isaac Hayes remix turned out to be by Dave Monolith/MNLTH Rush_the_Chef_Mix___AnonB.mp3
  8. This is great, thanks for all that old stuff. I remember the iSketch days. Who are you though, did you have a different username back then?
  9. I love this shred so much, the attention to detail is _amazing_, how the sounds tie up with the visuals and editing **airhorn**
  10. from https://web.archive.org/web/20060327234551/http://www.mtve.com/article.php?ArticleId=40 I was always intruiged that the last track of Discovery, "Too long", is literally too long. Like it really seems to overstay its welcome and its funny to think they might have done that on purpose
  11. Such a quality way to enter the thread
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