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  1. zazen

    The KLF

    Agreed. Is the Jimmy Cauty Space album any good? I've never heard it
  2. "I can understand things most rappers say Because rapping is my thing and I do it every day" DJ Sven, Holiday Rap
  3. This is from Jan 1991 but too serendipitous to not post here. In Jan 1991, BBC Radio 1 organised some big concerts at Wembley Arena, called it 'Great British Music Weekend'. 808 State had a slot, with MC Tunes. I recorded this from the radio and had it on a cassette, used to listen to it a lot. Recently found exactly the same broadcast on yotube, I remember every second of this. It starts with a remix of Cubik which is a BANGER This was the line up - Carter USM were also there, but I hadn't discovered them yet
  4. This album started me on a TMBG journey that I'm still on now And my kids love the TMBG kids stuff Their first album is from 86 but was re-released in the UK in 1990. Depeche Mode - Violator Cosmic Thing - B52s - Love Shack etc They pushed Adamski in the wrong direction but some of this was good Happy Mondays of course The Cure - Mixed Up - I had a mate who was well into the Cure, I ended up listening to this a fair bit Guru Josh, lol. Actually I still listen to Whose Law (Is It Anyway) (Speedball Mix) for
  5. So if you've been living in a remote cabin somewhere (actually I suppose thats quite likely, considering) and not heard of it , Among Us is a multiplayer game based on those real-life dinner party games like Werewolf or Mafia where a couple of players are secretly imposters and the other players have to use their wits to figure out who is who before they get bumped off. Except its a video game, in a spaceship with little coloured spacemen avatars. Works best on a computer, $5 from itchio. Think its also on Steam https://innersloth.itch.io/among-us You can also get it free on And
  6. When he got elected I didn't think he'd last six months. I thought James Comey would bring him down. Then Stormy Daniels. Then Michael Cohen. Then the Mueller investigation. Then the impeachment etc etc. The constant feeling he was just about to topple for four years does make me think that I have been in something of a media bubble (and I'm not even in the US). Its so annoying how he's just a super priviledged man baby but has been able to brazen his way through all of this. Early on one of the insiders described him as "less a person than a collection of terrible traits". And now,
  7. Trump is so going to check-out now for the rest of his term. He ain't gonna bother to do shit.
  8. Wow yeah remember that one. At the time (1994) that image was uncanny, CGI stuff like that was extremely new and with all the reflections and fluid textures it just looked like nothing you'd seen before.
  9. I am listening to this and it is good Edit: Ah, so AMKS is an anagram of Skam Records https://twitter.com/Skamrecords/status/1312427189992910856
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