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  1. Wow yeah remember that one. At the time (1994) that image was uncanny, CGI stuff like that was extremely new and with all the reflections and fluid textures it just looked like nothing you'd seen before.
  2. I am listening to this and it is good Edit: Ah, so AMKS is an anagram of Skam Records https://twitter.com/Skamrecords/status/1312427189992910856
  3. I am WATMMs slaughterer of sacred cows
  4. No, I guess the AI is tuned to detect more conventional vocals
  5. The voice is a kindof nod to pop music and getting radio play, imho. I was 16 years old when this track came out. It got played on Radio 1. You could go to Woolworths and buy the 7" single (which is precisely what I did at the time). It got to No 12 in the UK charts. And thats all fine and dandy at the time. But 30 years later I would prefer it without the voice. If you imagine it without the voice, its more abstract, just pure electronica
  6. So LFO by LFO, a Warp classic. Is there a mix of this that gets rid of the voice saying "L ... F ... O"? Because in this day and age, that would improve the track immensely. Although I can see why they put it in originally.
  7. https://www.wikihow.com/Make-IDM-Music Its actually not that bad, as a general guide.
  8. is that ... all the tracks from all three releases playing at the same time on top of each other? holy shit hahaha I remember Cylob DJing at a bar in Herne Hill in about 2004 for Mother's Day, everyone had a framed pic of their mum on their table in order to get a free drink or something. Was awesome.
  9. So I'm sure a lot of you know this one but this was the BEST mix of Humanoid. And this video just works so I had to post it. And you probably all know that this was Future Sound of London, or half of them, or something.
  10. Bump, out of respect for ancient traditions
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