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  1. I remember this was supposed to come out in 2012.
  2. Elon specifically mentioned Blade Runner as an influence, and as you probably know Blade Runner is set in Los Angeles, November 2019, which is where they did the Cybertruck unveil.
  3. Some great ones from the first page of the thread
  4. We're all old now, right? Like RDJ and Squarpusher are now old, and they're still doing crazy mad intense music, which really seems like it should be the job of young people who are off the faces but they are showing that you can be an old person, possibly wearing sensible comfortable shoes, and maybe you've got a mortgage, but you can still slice up breakbeats. And WATMM is like over 20 years old now, we must all be pushing 50 soon? So surely there's a theme there. Old people doing electronic music that they could never conceivably dance to without doing an injury to their backs. Or some sort of mid-life crisis theme? I'm serious.
  5. This is a good thread. Thanks Zephyr for sharing your journey so far. I did online dating for a while about 10 years ago and eventually met my now-life-partner and we have kids now and everything. That was mostly luck tbh but I did learn I few things along the way, I think. Here's what I learnt: It takes a while to learn the ropes, how to respond, how to not get your hopes up too early but still try and engage. How long to chat before suggesting a meet up etc. How most females on these sites are bombarded with crap from all quarters so you have to try and be a bit different. How only a small number of people you message write back, and then only a small number of them will you ever meet. But that thats OK and its all still fun. I did all my dating years ago before Tinder. From what I can make out, Tinder is far too appearance-based so I would recommend avoiding it. I would stick to the more wordy sites like OK Cupid. I can't speak for OKCupid now but ten years ago it was way better than anything else. All the other sites like match.com were too 'serious' like 'we will fix your life for you' whereas OKcupid was more real and more fun. This is the important one: when you message someone and they message back you get on a high and its really fun and its a bit easy to get carried away and fill in the crap-ton of stuff you don't know about this person with your imagination. That is, its easy to build them up into something amazing and then you're likely going to come down to earth at some point. The messaging stage is a way to work out if its worth a real-life meet up, but if you do meet up - be prepared to forget everything you thought you knew about them and start again. Don't build it up too much before meeting. And for the same reasons, I reckon its better to get to a real-life meet up as soon as realistically possible (but not too rushed also). That is, dont get stuck in the messaging stage for too long. I was always quite a shy person but I learned that meeting up with someone you've never met before IRL is actually really fun. Like fun in a scary sort of way. The sort of conversations you have with people in that scenario are very different than the ones you might have with your friends because nothing is taken as a given so you range over all kinds of interesting ground. And that can be really refreshing actually. You're really _there_, on the spot and you've got to relate. The first 30 seconds or so feel a bit weird but then it can be quite exhilarating. i don't drink but I was living in London so for meet-ups I always went to something cultural like an exhibition or an art gallery or just to the south bank to wander along the river and look at stuff that would always just be happening there. And like I don't know much about art but I can look at it for 40 mins or so and it provides things to talk about. Theres tons of stuff to do in London so that was an advantage I guess. Obv not cinema or theatre because you can't talk. Although I think I did do cinema a few times and it was OK if you talked before or after. I think I did a few bursts of online dating over a few years. I think I met 15 people or so IRL, and most of them there was not really any spark of romance but all of them were afternoons well spent, in that I did something cultural, and had interesting conversations, and felt good about getting out and pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Over those meet ups, I was also slowly learning about myself and what I wanted and what I didn't want. But that was only clear in retrospect. Sometimes I met people a few times, sometimes only once. One or two I was friends with for a bit, one I'm still friends with now. But mostly things fizzled out, but thats OK. There wasn't a word for Ghosting then, but I see now its a thing thats got a name. Its good that there is a word for that now I think, and I see there's healthy debate now about how to let things drop. Is it better to fizzle out or just ghost? I dont really know. But stuff like that will happen, and you need to come to terms with it. As ever, doing it to someone else is actually harder than having it done to you. When I met "the one", it was largely luck, but the 15-or-so previous meet ups meant that when we clicked I could really tell that we were clicking. And she was someone who I wasn't expecting to click with, and had just met up with because she seemed funny.
  6. I think its something to do with the body being cold rolled stainless steel. Its hard to make curves so they just went with it and went for something really angular. Production process is going to be completely different to regular cars - more a case of folding a huge sheet of metal into the right shape.
  7. I thought he handled that well. He just kindof giggled and then they got on with it. That truck is bonkers though. 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds. 150,000 reservations already
  8. A lot of religion is about praising the powerful, and that used to be normal like 300 years ago or whatever, but its a bit outdated now, praise is now mostly for children or pets. So praising a superpowerful deity is odd, in our time. I am left thinking "What sort of deity needs to be praised?"
  9. I saw this on Twitter and I thought of Watmm, and myself, and several people I know.
  10. zazen


    Always been a fan of this one (Goods) off of 'Kin'. Although the video is a bit subpar/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3G_Y3aIlis ;John is also a fave
  11. Thats it in a nutshell. Very often I'm thinking 'I dont like this bit but RDJ presumably knows why it has to be here so I'll politely listen and wait for the good bit that comes later'
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