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  1. Getting rid of them is an idea because they do sortof hide things from the people that don't visit them. But they are sortof important for the 'identity' of watmm I guess? I remember when the Artist Subforums first got added, years ago, there was a plan where the posts would still be optionally visible in the main music forum too. Sortof like tags? Chaosmachine was working on it but it never got done iirc. Wonder if you could do that now with tags, the artist subforums just filter to a specific tag (and if you post there, that tag gets added), but the posts also show up in main 'music' forum. re: having a poll every few years to add a new featured artist: if you did that, you'd also need a process to get rid of them, .e.g any artist subforum that hasn't had new posts for a while gets retired and the posts get released back into the main music forum. Didn't there used to be a cylob subforum? I guess thats what happened. Or alternatively: just leave everything as it is. I was just kindof interested in the fact that the featured artists are frozen in time and what that says about us.
  2. zazen


    https://tubedubber.com/?q=NrH7hbi8fPM:JQceBpIOU-E:0:100:0:0:1 or, on second thoughts https://tubedubber.com/?q=NrH7hbi8fPM:uVx-n7X_47Q:0:100:0:0:1
  3. zazen


    Now we just need to get RDJ to soundtrack an episode of In The Night Garden
  4. zazen


    HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS TILL NOW Squarepusher + Cbeebies, genius
  5. No new Featured Artists since 2011. Thats an interesting thing to ponder. Are we a bunch of old people stuck in a time capsule (yes is a perfectly valid answer to that). Or is there just no one new on the scene who's good in the last 13 years (seems unlikely). Or should we add some new ones (I have no idea who. Aleksi Perala? EOD? Kettel?). edit: Idea: Maybe every N years (N=3?) we should have a poll to add a new artist subforum, to keep up with the times?
  6. edit: why am I writing about star wars? nevermind
  7. CDs cost an average of $16.98 in 1995 — about $34.84 in today’s dollars. Buying one album meant not listening to another. Thats exactly it, music is so different now. Its everywhere, and free or cheap. But there's still lots of great stuff. I don't miss the days of paying £13 for an album on CD and then finding out it only had 3 good songs on it.
  8. superheavy (the stage 1 booster part) came down HARD, about 34 min in the video Rubin posted. Engines didn't re-light properly and it hit the ocean at 1000kmph, transmitting video all the way down edit: apparently automatically self destructed at 1km above ocean
  9. Cool video of the flaps moving and glowing red at start of re-entry. Think it broke up some minutes later.
  10. Her account was new (she had just joined twitter the day before) and it was suspended briefly (for about an hour) by some automated process. They unsuspended her as soon as they became aware of it https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-68350222
  11. zazen

    Now Reading

    Oh right when you wrote "Really hope Tchaikovsky keeps things going in that series" I took it to mean you hadn't read 2 and 3. But what you're saying is, you hope there's a 4 and 5 etc...
  12. zazen

    Now Reading

    Yep can't recommend Children of Time enough. Glad you enjoyed it @aderei and @Walter Ostanek @Walter Ostanek The other two in that series are also solid, but different, as a trilogy should be. Perhaps not as stellar as the first but taking the theme and going different places with it. The second book is fairly horrific in parts. The third book goes in a somewhat fantasy direction, but still rooted in the same universe. Adrian Tchaikovsky's architect series (starts with Shards of Earth) is also good - like big space opera with a band of misfits getting caught up in the enormous action. Its like 'ok this is a big space opera with a band of misfits' but he executes it VERY well. @aderei I read We Are Legion, its kindof got some nice ideas and the first few chapters are strong but then the second two thirds become like a cartoon, like contrived situations, weak characers, and telling you whats happening instead of showing you whats happening. Like the author is a coder originally so its kindof like you would imagine sci-fi written by a coder to be like. Its not crap but its not in the same league as "proper" writers.
  13. happened across this randomly and really liked it: Marking Time by Pauline Anna Strom I looked her up, interesting story: she made electronica in the 80s, had to sell her equipment because skint so stopped making music, got into Reiki instead. Eventually in 2017 someone re-releases her old stuff from from 30 years previously. It is well received, so she gets some new equipment and makes a new album at the age of 74. The album in announced in November 2020 and a month later she dies. The album, released posthumously contains the above track. Oh, and she was blind from birth.
  14. tbh I bought the double cd the month it was released and I just listen to the 'nice' tracks. I am unapologetic about that. My 'best of' playlist is: Cliffs Rhubarb Curtains Blue Calx Parallel Stripes Lichen Have barely listened to any of the other ones for 30 years It took me too long to get round to checking out Stone In Focus because it wasn't on the CD but its actually one of the very best.
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