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  1. Hey I really like this one. Nice video too
  2. If you imagine something 100 times more powerful than GPT-3, it really would be something, and its probably not that far away.
  3. holy shit are those both real?? hahaha
  4. Have you guys seen AI Dungeon? https://play.aidungeon.io/ Its a text adventure powered by GPT-2, it lets you do anything and then makes up the story around you Here's one I just did. the bits in bold are my inputs, everything else is generated
  5. And that subreddit is the old version, GPT2
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/SubSimulatorGPT2
  7. Although when I consider that In Sides came out in the same year as Aphex's Richard D James album, its kindof astonishing how different they sound. But they are aiming for very different things I guess. In Sides definitely sounds like the 90s, whereas the RDJ album sounds like it could have been made yesterday. And then from this distance 25 years later it doesnt matter anyway, I can appreciate them both.
  8. Getting back to the point of the thread. Bjork - was totally loving Debut, Post, Homogenic and Vespertine. Then Medulla came and it has a couple of tracks I love but I found the rest too difficult? Its a while since I tried listening to it, can't remember. And then she totally lost me with Volta, didn't like it at all. Just being honest - sorry everyone - didn't like BOC's Geogaddi. Only two decent tracks - Music is Math and 1969. So that was a major disappointment after mhtrtc. Their later stuff I find OK, like listenable. Their later stuff is - as Fredd McGriff said - like a good album by Air. But nothing groundshaking. Agree with Bonobo after the first two albums. The first two are so perfect. Tricky went downhill after one or two albums. Probably one album, if I'm honest. Oh shit guys I've got it, biggest disappointment ever: The Orb. The first two albums were just epoch-defining. Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld and U.F.Orb. But then they followed up with Pomme Fritz which I remember as being totally unlistenable. And then Orbus Terrarum which I can't even remember, maybe it had one good track. Massive disappointments. And this was in the days where you had to go to a shop, pay £12 for the CD, take it home and listen to it before you got hit by the disappointment. So much more of a sting to it in those days. Do you keep the CD, or go to the trouble of taking physically back to the shop for a refund? Such a shit experience. Oh and bonus round: They Might Be Giants - John Henry. I loved everything prior to that, whereas John Henry just had a couple of good tracks. Such a disappointment. Some of their later stuff I really love though. Their latest 'I Like Fun' is pretty amazing if you're into their stuff.
  9. This post made me go and check out In Sides for the first time (never listened to much Orbital) and of course its awesome and the last track "Out There Somewhere? Part 2" is just so beautiful
  10. I did Mathematics at uni. But when I was at school I got into programming has always been my main skill and thats what my job has been. For the last few decades I've done freelance programmer/database/plumbing things together stuff for the not-for-profit sector. Much nicer than working for the for-profit companies. But less money obviously. Met my life partner via online dating and eventually we started a family. Our first child seemed fine at first but at around six months old started having long, dangerous seizures. Eventually genetic testing revealed a random rare mutation known to lead to severe learning disability and epilepsy. So that was very difficult; we mourned the loss of the future we had imagined for her. Then we adjusted to it, somewhat. A lot of our days are happy now but there is an undercurrent of sadness always there. We will be looking after her for the rest of our lives, she will never be independent or take exams or drive a car or meet a partner of her own. Whomever I was before she arrived seems less relevant now, I am a special needs Dad first and foremost and that dominates my life now. Those of you who have had kids will probably recognise the feeling of awaiting the arrival of a baby and trying not to worry about the possibility of them turning out to be severely disabled. What I will say is that if someone had told me what was going to happen I would have been terrified, but living through the reality of it is not quite as bad as I would have imagined. Its hugely challenging and not to be underestimated, but life goes on. If you've seen the BBC show "There She Goes", my life is somewhat like that.
  11. zazen

    Aphex Face Masks

    Quite taken by this Altern-8 one https://www.redbubble.com/i/mask/Altern-8-by-LittlepixelUK/48485581.9G0D8 Ah here we go ICBYD mask https://www.redbubble.com/i/mask/Face-Aphex-Twin-logo-design-by-NovayaMuzyka/45083239.9G0D8 RDJ album mask https://www.redbubble.com/i/mask/Aphex-RDJ-Album-Mask-by-theavianagenda/47891053.9G0D8
  12. Wow, Altern-8 Gotta love the crowd noises and simplicity of their old stuff. Simpler times. Could do with some of those masks right now.
  13. zazen

    Aphex Face Masks

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