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  1. SpaceX did a blooper reel of all the failures they had to go through before they got it right. Its worth watching. And these things are 12-stories high explosive metal tubes. The fact that SpaceX can reliably land them now is probably the most important advance in space travel for decades. They land on their own, autonomously, coping with weather, and using the minimal amount of propellant possible (because you want to use as much as you can on the up bit and save as little as possible for the getting back down bit).
  2. For anyone that hasn't heard these, these are the original vocal samples from a bbc library sample thing or somewhere mashedpotatoes.mp3 everyday.mp3
  3. This album is early 70s Ethiopian Jazz and its very nice. Kind of like Blue Note stuff but with an Ethiopian angle. Jim Jarmuch used a lot of it in the soundtrack to his 2005 Bill Murray film Broken Flowers. My filmmaker friend was really disappointed when Broken Flowers came out because he'd been into this album for ages and had it in mind as a 'secret weapon' to use on one of his own films eventually ...
  4. This thread is the closest watmm could ever get to being a rom com. Glad it looks like a happy ending.
  5. That was great. The only other Fripp I've heard was on the FFWD album (FFWD = Robert Fripp + The Orb)
  6. Wisp's "SAW 2 Reworked" was great Cliffs (1043 Mix) Rhubarb (1159 Mix) Z Twig (6040 Mix) Lichen (1136 Mix) If I remember correctly RDJ played one of these in a DJ set shortly before Wisp got signed to Rephlex Also I still listen to About Things That Never Were a lot. Was the soundtrack to a trip I took to Japan about 15 years ago.
  7. I had the vinyl, lucky enough to find it when it came out in Sister Ray, Berwick st. I used to listen to Every Day at 33 rpm, it just seemed right. (You know that Warp thing where they deliberately dont say which speed to play it at). The vocal sample sounds like an old woman at that speed, reminiscing about something. Heres the 33rpm version: Although Bleep has it at 45 rpm so I guess thats the official one. At that speed the vocal sample is accurate (I have the original sample somewhere) but the music sounds far too fast to me, I got too used to the slower version. https://bleep.com/release/5004-afx-hangable-auto-bulb
  8. Great thread Killabyte. Here are some ICBYD memories of mine: I was already a big fan, had most of the CD stuff he'd released so far, had loved the Ventolin EPs. Had heard there was an album coming but this was before the internet really got going (the internet was there, but it was full of monty python jokes and all unorganised) so you had to buy the NME or whatever to find out what was coming out and so there was always an air of mystery about when things would appear. Was in Bristol and thought I'd wander into a record shop to see if I could find the new Aphex album. Saw this big display of album art with loads of big pictures of some long haired dude's face and assumed it was some heavy metal or something, ignored it and went flicking through the CD racks to see if I could find the new album ... eventually realised that the big display _was_ the new aphex album. Listened to it in my room at Uni. It was the holidays and I was still there for some reason or other so the place was largely deserted. Spooky. And a funny thing, given where we're all at now: There was a big Ebola outbreak in Zaire (as it was then) at that time - spring/summer 1995. This was the first time Ebola had really made international news in a big way so it was pretty scary, it got a lot of attention and it did seem like it might get out of control. In my head Icct Hedral really got linked with my fears of a pandemic. I literally couldn't listen to Icct Hedral for a long time, its such a bad trip sound. (and since that time, a pandemic has been one of my biggest fears, we had close calls in 2002, 2009 etc. But weirdly now that one is happening I feel a kind of relief, like having to face a fear and then adjusting to it) Took me years to realise that a lot of the track names are anagrams - of "Aphex Twin", " Caustic Window", "Richard D James" etc. So Acrid Avid Jam Shred - I really love it but (and killabyte will probably come and kick my arse for saying this) the bit at about 4:36 when it all drops back to the beat always seemed a bit like RDJ couldn't think of what to do next so just started the track again. Its one of those tracks where theres lots of looping segments built on top of each other, and then the question becomes how many layers can you have, and its a really effective technique, makes for a compelling listen, but then with all the repetition it becomes hard to move the track forward onto something else. Some tracks I couldn't really deal with the dischord or the off-rhythm stuff (Waxen Pith, Wax the Nip, Wet Tip Hen Ax) so I didn't listen to them much at the time and havent listened to them much since, might be interesting to go and check them out again (Killabyte is probably hunting me down as I type this) I formed a deep appreciation of Mookid a few years later when it was my 'alarm clock' wake up tune, would listen to it as I woke, its got a very deep beauty to it. Next Heap With always seemed really interesting because its got a proper 'song' structure with different sections, and it uses orchestral sounds and key changes. I always took the track title to be RDJ saying 'the next heap of tracks from me are going to have more structure and less repetition'. And that did seem to happen in a way. Or it could just be that the title was just an anagram of "The Aphex Twin" and I'm reading too much into it. So yeah a great album, and also it kindof set up the patterns of 'what is an Aphex Twin album like?' because the previous ones, SAW 1 and SAW 2, although great, were the odd ones out when you look at what came after - SAW 1 being more like a complation, and SAW 2 being more like a high concept art piece. So, say, the Richard D James album and Drukqs, for example, although they are very different, have more in common with ICBYD than they do with SAW 1 or 2. Soon after we had the Donkey Rhubarb EP and although Donkey Rhubarb was fun but a bit tiring, this bought us Pancake Lizard which for a long time was the favourite track of a lot of people here and is still a big favourite of mine.
  9. A lot of you may know this one, it won lots of awards in 2006 or so, but the album "Dimanche à Bamako" by Amadou & Mariam, a blind duo from Mali, assisted by French backpacker favourite Manu Chao is absolutely beautiful and chilled.
  10. This is the only Plone song I ever heard but it stuck in my head forever, so beautiful Great to see them resurface
  11. So this isn't IDM or whatever but I've been on this forum for decades so cut me some slack, its absolutely beautiful electronica. Slightly reminds me of Iamamaiwhoami from a few years ago. Its a 13min video covering a 5 track EP, and tracks 2 and 5 are BANGERS and the whole thing is pure art and this person Chris who does the songwriting, singing, production and the dancing is most probably a genius. Discuss.
  12. I remember this was supposed to come out in 2012.
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