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Antipop Consortium : FLORESCENCENT BLACK (2008)


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Really couln't believe it when I read that these guys reformed the good old band, the 4 of them...


Here's a new track on their myspace : http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...iendid=42518600


( I think this info is rather old, but I'm late about this, didn't really follow their last actuality, apart from the high priest solo album wich was pretty good... I tried the search button but nothing came up )


Well, looking forward to hear this, what about you guys ?

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Guest abracadabra




I hope it's more like Tragic Epilogue



edit: just listened to the track on their Myspace, didn't like it much. :-/

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this track playing on their myspace, "volcano" is pretty good, apart from the chorus, but I do like the beat and blips.... The chorus seems to have Dose One voice clone on it... ;)

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