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  1. oh man bleep updated indeed - downloading all of that - back to track 1 now. enjoy the night friends !
  2. ok guys, who did a recording ? Need to go back to first track now
  3. EVIL AND BEAUTIFUL, this is soooo good
  4. New Album by our boy Prefuse 73, available to preorder now Very happy about this can't wait. http://smarturl.it/Prefuse73-Sacrifices
  5. the last two minutes of violvoic [track 6] MONSTER viol means rape in French btw
  6. wait it's still live isnt it ? how come you guys did a DL link already ? Or maybe Im just an idiot and the NTS live restarted ?
  7. please upload that tonight here guys I'm taking the plane tomorrow I'll need that fresh madness !!!! cant' believe the number of AAA tracks so far
  8. FUCK SO MANY stuff to grab... can't buy whole albums though just individual tracks ?
  9. listening now... WOW THAT'S FUCKING GREAT
  10. pm should be fine- twitter otherwise via dm / discord is a good idea too.
  11. Man could you grab a M tshirt for me ? hopefully people will rip that 12 soon !!! so gutted I didnt think of taking tickets now that I live in London would have been esasy.... Give you 100pounds tomorrow if you want :)
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