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  1. oh man bleep updated indeed - downloading all of that - back to track 1 now. enjoy the night friends !
  2. ok guys, who did a recording ? Need to go back to first track now
  3. EVIL AND BEAUTIFUL, this is soooo good
  4. New Album by our boy Prefuse 73, available to preorder now Very happy about this can't wait. http://smarturl.it/Prefuse73-Sacrifices
  5. the last two minutes of violvoic [track 6] MONSTER viol means rape in French btw
  6. wait it's still live isnt it ? how come you guys did a DL link already ? Or maybe Im just an idiot and the NTS live restarted ?
  7. please upload that tonight here guys I'm taking the plane tomorrow I'll need that fresh madness !!!! cant' believe the number of AAA tracks so far
  8. FUCK SO MANY stuff to grab... can't buy whole albums though just individual tracks ?
  9. listening now... WOW THAT'S FUCKING GREAT
  10. pm should be fine- twitter otherwise via dm / discord is a good idea too.
  11. Man could you grab a M tshirt for me ? hopefully people will rip that 12 soon !!! so gutted I didnt think of taking tickets now that I live in London would have been esasy.... Give you 100pounds tomorrow if you want :)
  12. Just got the email notification, released on vinyl on May 26th, two tracks https://burial.bandcamp.com
  13. Hope there's gonna be more, still think this is one of the best way and most clever to release music
  14. This was totally surreal, was front and middle, that sound was mindblowing... Hope someone did a good recording, even if that's impossible to capture to its full power, one moment I felt like I was being captured by Aliens using bass and sound waves to made me numb ?
  15. Great to end the year, will snatch the 12 once out, meanwhile, impatiently waiting for high quality rips to show up online !
  16. TRUE THAT ! also this 3 track EP is pretty great, love how he's using bandcamp to release stuff like this.
  17. streaming in full on bleep now
  18. are you guys doing this on purpose with this whole debate about the newness of the sounds ? It's an EP based on the Cheetah sounds from the soundcloud dump, so it'll be coherent and based on similar palettes than these amazing Cheetah SC tracks, and that track zane lowe track is a track which was posted on soundcloud too.
  19. beNito

    elseq 1-5

    so hard to go through, keep on just either to one track non stop or going through the 5 in one go... Listening on headphones mostly, brain going completely nuts on latentcall right now... I guess only autechre could make accordion sound like the devil...
  20. beNito

    elseq 1-5

    Man, they sure know how to do amazing treats now, wtf wasn't expecting that much, so much godness to go through... amazing
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