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More Baloney from Lebanon...

Guest Great Maker ShaiHulud

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I live in Pennsylvania..been eating that stuff all my life.


Fuck yeh. Shit's delicious Put a slice of American cheese in between 4 slices of lebanon (2 on each side), then fry that shit up in a pan. then, place that in between some bread with some spicy brown mustard and fry that in the grease from the bologna fat and you've got yourself a tasty sandwich.


Baloney is baloney homie. A spiced loaf of pig smear. What's Lebanon got to offer to the table?


ps I fully expected a political thread.


Your traditional Oscar Meyer bologna is basically slices of a giant hot dog. This is more like slices of a giant cured sweet summer sausage.

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Guest ezkerraldean



vaguely related, found out today that Lebanon has an active nazi party. Mild lollage ensued.

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Guest glasse
Ahso. Actually, I think I had something like this in Germany before I would have had it in America. My friend who put me up would ask his mom to make us dinner. One night, she just put out a spread of wursts, cured meats, breads, and some mustard. That meal would sound pretty ghetto in America but in Europe, it's a fucking delight! so many flavors and textures.


Also, for any Deutsch fellas out there--she made this soup that was creamy like a chowder but consisted mostly of egg and mustard. My friend said it was his favorite meal; I was nervous at first but it ended up being delicious. Sound familiar?


Pennsylvania Dutch


Pennsylvania Dutch food is based on their German heritage. There remains a strong connection to Europe wherever there were settlers originally.

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haha I used to live in Lancaster, got to like Shoo Fly Pie. Also it was hilarious to talk to the Amish people in the county market in German, they have these antiquated Swäbische accents.

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