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  1. i'm gonna be real with you: the meme-maoist kill-all-landlords shit is LARPy bullshit. try managing some low rent properties while you are also low income. the renter/rentee relationship at that level is so often adversarial because of the precariousness of both party's station. for both parties it's an extremely demoralizing loop where ones efforts are rendered meaningless. the renter puts labor into making the place livable, the rentee works just to earn enough to pay rent and doesn't have energy/money/cares to maintain the property. good people become slumlords as their trust is eroded over time, by each lying, foul tenant. good people become vindictive scum as their trust is eroded over time by petty, unempathetic landlords. point is if you rent out properties, be fair and be clean. if you are a renter, don't fucking trash the place.
  2. bro those claps though. you better believe i'm clappin them thighs
  3. readings charts and listening to sound effects
  4. what the fuck you infected the page
  5. after enough cycles through the wash, —it's okay. could be softer. but that only comes with age.
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