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Guest Stoppit

I just left a load of footage rendering, and when I came back a couple of hours later, I realised the settings were all wrong.

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Guest Iain C

Using my mighty masculine powers of electricianship and boiler-repair-ology, I've fixed the leccy and the hot water in this house. All it took was a five-minute call to the Landlord, who my housemates were too scared to contact because they take drugs and make a lot of mess.

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i still havent fully unpacked and its really difficult to find certain objects


and its a beautiful day and i'm posting on watmm waiting for people to get home


those are the only two things i really could complain about right now

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I found out my credit union charged me two dollars to print a money order without telling me, which is complete utter bullshit.  I'm withdrawing everything this week and opening an account at my wife's credit union, which doesn't have overage penalties or charges for money orders.



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