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im interested in software video art

Guest Helper ET

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Guest Helper ET

so i want to make moving videos that can be played with my music. i want some software where i can make weird abstract images move around and morph and crazyness at very fast speeds in sync with the rhythms of the song. imagine advanced jungle beats while images such as the ones below would move about and morph quickly in perfect synchronization










i want to be able to do anything. make weird psychedelic abstract balls of rainbow lights stretching and twisting with the beats and then opening up into other dimensions and then going into tunnels and entering even deeper dimensions. i want it to not take 4 years of schooling to understand, and i dont want it to look like crap. any help?


my software experience ends somewhere around ableton live, the music making program, and ive got that down pretty good, but im willing and able to learn more advanced video software programs if i can learn them in a reasonably easy way without being scared away by advanced programming


i can make awesome stuff in photoshop if i put in the effort, i just need to learn how to make the pictures move all awesome, thats where im stuck



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Guest beatfanatic

hmm tell me more about "opening up into other dimensions and then going into tunnels and entering even deeper dimensions"

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Guest Babar

i woud say what you need is adobe.. adobe...adobe after effetcs which is kinda the photoshop of movies. I've never really used it but i'm sure the possibilities are almost endless. If you want to make psychedelic stuff UltraFractal is the shit, though you may get similar or superior things with general 3D software (actually i'm thinkig about POVRAY) but that's badassly time consuming.

Also you want the visuals to match the music and that's quite a boring task too. There is some softwares that include a tempo thing but i'm not sure if it will work with drum n bass ish stuff.


What you're getting into ET is a long run project all the more so it involves a lot of software self teaching. I recommend you to have a look at winamps plugin milkdrop


But you don't need softwares in order to make psychedelics stuff.




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Guest 277: 930-933

Yeah, get into after effects and then maybe import all of your footage into a VJ application like Resolume to bring everything together and make it synchronize.


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Guest maantecaaa!!!

For algorithmically processed visuals:

Processing: programming language for artists

It's a subset of java that is made a little more basic for the non-programmer. The nice thing is there's a bunch of built-in libraries and existing code you can learn from/build upon/tweak.


I have a project i'm going to work on later in the year once I draw up all the plans. Involving tibetan bells, a paisley pattern and the sunrise, gonna be nice if I can get it all together right.

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