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a bit i found on wikipedia from mr van rompuy's mouth:


Turkey is not a part of Europe and will never be part of Europe. An expansion of the EU to include Turkey cannot be considered as just another expansion as in the past. The universal values which are in force in Europe, and which are fundamental values of Christianity, will lose vigour with the entry of a large Islamic country such as Turkey.



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France and Germany's pro-federalist pick, because they're pretty much the main players in the EU and whatever they want goes. They tried to soften the blow to Britain and the militant feminists by putting in a British woman as foreign secretary, but I'm not sure Britain will stand for this federalist Franco-German super country in the long run because we overwhelmingly rejected federalism in the last EU election by voting in the Tories, UKIP, and nazi scum BNP. It would be bloody weird living in this weird Soviet Union Mk II country, and if it carries on like this instead of America's republicans VS democrats we're going to have this mainly France-Germany VS Britain supercountry with the other states constantly switching sides between the two and causing endless trouble, strife, and conflict.

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Guest Conor74

They only did this so when asked, "name a famous Belgian," people have got a choice other than Poirot or Phillipe Albert. He looks like a vicar.


Marc Dutroux?


Come on, if I said 'name a famous Austrian' bet everyone would be tempted to say Fritzl.

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