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Gurdjieff's Movements <*>


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based on the novel written by G I Gurdjieff...


a style of dance/meditation based on ancient Sufic tradition....


as seen in the later film 'Baraka'....


beautiful art form in my opinion....







Akkad the Orphic Priest

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that is what I meant...


you are welcome mohamed!


listening to the band OM (Conference of the Birds) and watching this video is quite perfeckt!



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Guest maantecaaa!!!

ATOP what's the general consensus about Gurdjieff among people 'in the know'? I like his ideas and find alot of them dovetailing with my own..

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gurdjieff was trained by the most secret tibetans; being from the orient they possess secret mystical wisdom. so natural he would hook up with them. mdme blavatsky prolly knew these same super secret dudes and chilled with them while writing such major works as "the secret doctrine" (OMG SO SECRET) and "isis unveiled" (lol, it's a porno). naturally, sufis were involved, you know, b/c it's one thing for the taliban to talk about islam but something totally different when we get sufis involved. anyway, after a while eliphas levi revealed the whole thing about kabbalah b/c, naturally, he was totally knowledgeable about it. then crowley came in, the beatles put him on the cover of one of their records and the rest is history.


anyway, check out the new neutral milk hotel album cover. it's called "in dee aeroplane unda da sea"


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ATOP what's the general consensus about Gurdjieff among people 'in the know'? I like his ideas and find alot of them dovetailing with my own..


A great book to read on the matter in 'Madame Blavatsky's Baboon' by Washington


the consensus is most likely that he studied in a Sufic school of thought for many years, decided he wanted to spread their teachings without their consent, gained a following in Russia....


took this group out of of Russia due to the Revolution happening at the time....set up his own school in Turkey, was a very harsh teacher, making the students plow the fields, basically ranch and work like horses until he felt they were rid of their old ways of thought and then start training them in the ways of the Sufi masters....


His main literary voice, Ouspensky, abandoned him after he felt that Gurdjieff was a bit too much of an egomaniac himself, the thing he was supposedly trying to cure.....


although Ouspensky still felt his teaching were invaluable and started the Fourth Way School based on Gurdjieff's teachings and Oouspensky's own views on spirituality..



there are rumours that Gurdjieff was British Intelligence, and a scam artist (whom could sell a Persian rug to anyone)...


for your own opinion read 'In Search of the Miraculous' by P D Ouspensky, about P D's first meetings, impressions and what he learned from Gurdjieff....


the book 'Madame Blavatsky's Baboon' is a great history lesson on Blavatsky, Rudolph Steiner, Gurdjieff, and Ouspensky, wonderful history book and brutally honest....


Steiner seemed to be the most honest, intelligent and good person of the bunch...




disregard whatever Afroman said in the above post :facepalm:

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