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  1. Tour de France Soundtracks? definitely some similarities with alexi's sound world on there.
  2. yeah this was a strange movie. i was sort of shocked by that. also really shocked that at some point someone was doing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Super cool film but quite puzzling and hard to know how to watch it. i think malick has been making some pretty challenging movies since tree of life where for me they feel powerful once i snap out of this "do i like this?" kind of frame of mind and instead just go with the strange flow and experience it.
  3. Troubling. Sources said BOC were going to announce a new album exclusively via MTV the Website
  4. How long do you think it would take The Brothers to go over all of their old music, compile it, make individual cassette copies one at a time which they play over and over to give them that authentic degraded sound, hand make all the artwork at the nearest Kinkos, give them only to friends, and become friends with hundreds of thousands or millions of people? Hm do you think this might take, say, a decade or so? Yeah, starting to make sense now isn’t it? -MDG
  5. I post on here: hey aphex, expand THIS and I include an image attachment showing me giving the fricken middle finger aphez sees this post and he panics. At first he’s mad like “wot?” and is thinking how rude I was. But then he’s like ok, better come out on top of this battle. And he posts Selected Ambient Work 3 Expanded 55 tracks. legend
  6. Hey guys, Marcus here (Mike is beside me he says “hey”). We’re using Alco’s account (thanks Alco, enjoy Old Times vols. 3-55). We just wanted to pop in and say we ARE possibly releasing an album. we’ve been very busy. Mike got a bike a couple years back and he’s been learning to ride. Getting pretty good! Yesterday I saw him ride with no hands lmao nice. for my part, I’ve been admittedly slacking my fair share. I watched all of X files and then Millenium and then Californication (my bad I thought this was part of the same universe). Watched these at half speed so it was more ambient and nostalgic. Some episodes I watched in reverse and a bunch of them I taped back and forth between two vhs so they were crazy grainy lol. I was like “is that even Mulder or what’s even going on?” Haha. lol. anyway, new music at some point perhaps! Enjoy!
  7. I bet Sean has had to sit down with Rob on more than one occasion, pointing to Rob’s macbook, saying “you’re not even using enough AI. the beats aren’t fucked up enough, there’s not enough nostalgia in the pads, we need our number up!” *nodding, for sure knowing what a bogan is*
  8. the other night i was at a restaurant sat like a foot or two (that's kilometers for you lads and chavs reading this) from the table to my left. this table of 4 spent the evening talking about their tech jobs (3 of them worked together) and the current workplace scandal in which they all had to focus their efforts on building this new product that had already been sold to clients. this project was marketed as "AI" but they explained to the 4th person at the table (and, to me and my girlfriend*) that it was "not AI at all" and was "100% manually built software" that their company simply had to offer as AI bc "that's what everyone in the industry wants right now." this about sums up how stupid this shit is, to me. * yes, i have one
  9. imagine reading the rules and becoming disgusting with salsa
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