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cliffordandcalix - Lost Foundling

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New collaboartive album between Mira Calix and Mark Clifford (of Seefeel/Disjecta) on Andrea Parker's new 'Aperture' label.




"Warp artists Mark Clifford and Mira Calix have been good friends for a long time. During the 5 year period between 1999 and 2004, they'd meet up from time to time; hang out, drink a lot of coffee, smoke too many cigarettes, stay up all night and make some noise.

The songs on 'Lost Foundling' come from this very loose and irregular working period. Their initial plan was to come back to the tracks at some point, mix them and release them. However, they were both busy with other projects and when Andrea Parker expressed interest in releasing the material on her newly established Aperture label, the duo discovered it was impossible to go back and meddle in their material. Mira and Mark had recorded their songs on an evolutionary range of formats; whatever was at hand. When they went to dig out the computer files, dat tapes, floppy and zip drives, they were reminded that most of these had become obselete in what felt like a brief decade. There was no going back. The duo selected 13 of their favourite tracks, leaving them untouched."




01 Someone Like Me

02 Myrie

03 You and I

04 Cket

05 Dream of You

06 Beethaven

07 Pull It a Part 1

08 Alkaline

09 To Stay Changed Forever

10 One 2 Far

11 He Promised It All

12 Mintle

13 In Her Room


cliffordandcalix will be performing together in support at the following...


10/Feb/2010, 20:00, The Bluecoat, Liverpool


12/Feb/2010, 20:00, BFI, London

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I'm not fanboy enough to know which autechre guy she's married to, but I wonder what he thinks about them staying up all night making noise


She's married to Sean I think... I was wondering the same thing.

Sean and Chantal probably have a bunch of recordings together though; perhaps a nymphomatriarch style record of thatched together sex noises...

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