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  1. How is the topic title still 'TBA' when the title has been known for months?
  2. Yeah I'm in the same boat; his music is good but his outspoken sociopolitical beliefs and general online persona are problematic to say the least. I took him (Chris McKeown) to task on his FB page where he was asserting that marriage is a "holy institution between a man and a woman unequivocally" etc, I attempted to offer my perspective as a gay man whose immigration status and ability to live in the same country as my partner largely depended upon the possibility of gay marriage. I was not argumentative; just stating my comparatively intimate perspective on the matter. He erased my post and blocked me outright, refusing to engage in the slightest. While I found his style of aggrandising self-promotion on social media to be offputting I was willing to overlook it since the music is good. But his outright refusal to hear an alternate opinion that could undermine his biases, *that* I found insulting to the degree that I cannot support his work. I'm sorry Martin, I still love Touched and everything that you and the label do!
  3. The Original Masters reissue from 2004 is likely the last word on how Apollo, and the other Eno LPs reissued in that series, should sound. The prospect of getting a new companion LP is exciting though, and I certainly hope there is an option to purchase it independent of the original. Not yet in love with this new track, but it is nice... Just nice doesn't cut it compared to most anything on Apollo though; this sounds so antiseptic and icy, and the bass synth that comes in is not complimenting the composition either to these ears. Perhaps the majesty of the tracks on Apollo had more to do with happenstance/creative strictures within the studios it was made in and less to do with sheer compositional brilliance. This new track has me ruminating upon this possibility. Apollo is pretty much my fav LP I've ever heard though, so I'm unashamedly biased.
  4. Barber/Stylist AuteCuts!
  5. Everywhere I see the name of the track has it obscured with '*'s. How did you ascertain what the full title is?
  6. I didn't see it in the tracklist... He DEFINITELY played this one though near the end:
  7. Welcome! Never seen his sig before. Suitably scattershot :p
  8. Also, this is the track feat. Chad Kroeger (though it's only really obvious he's buried in there around 5:20):
  9. This hasn't been posted here yet, so...
  10. Yeah any mystery white labels especially?!
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