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  1. And now an updated Gatha which is outstanding:
  2. New version of Spangle up on Youtube. Coming out on vinyl next year apparently, digital will be avail soon:
  3. New version of Spangle just uploaded to YT:
  4. Never heard of this before but the OP link music is wonderful!
  5. Sampled the shit outta that clip. Thank you.
  6. 'Standing At The Bottom Of The Ocean' is a great track; I can hear shades of Josh's more recent work wi Turk Dietrich as Second Woman in some of the metallic textures. The granular delays on the fricatives n consonants of the vocal is quite a novel treatment and I can tell a lot of care has gone into where and how all the sounds occupy space. And yeah, the last minute of the track is massive. Quintessential IDM. More pls.
  7. He's still making new material and playing shows. I asked him about the cessation of releasing music and it sounded to me as though he just lost interest in putting material out in a traditional context. I mentioned to him that people on forums like this are waiting for a new release and he told me he may consider putting something out on Hymen again soonish... This was last year btw 😄
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