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  1. This seems more like marketing for a new LP or something...
  2. My interactions with Salv were limited, but I appreciated his humour & candor in topics we both posted in. Off to the iddems show in the sky.
  3. I've been working on a thing with some friends called IDMTV which will be premiering tomorrow night 9PM PST at twitch.tv/IntelligentDanceParty It'll be some IDMish music vids, weird interstitials, a live set by Schematic artist 'Wake', and more I am failing to convey accurately. A brief promo: 1952100423_IDMTVpromo.mp4
  4. Nicely engineered/mixed as mentioned before, nice vibe. The MAGA reference in the title is a turn off though, but maybe it's unintentional(?).
  5. Really beautiful work, and I forgot how wonderful this early version of 747 is.
  6. I'm out of verbal tactics in which to classify this level of stupidity.
  7. The remaster on these tracks is tasteful and overall an improvement having compared the new master to the previous versions. Sounds brighter and more detailed especially on the super dense tracks from 'Goodbye'.
  8. Where can I see more clips of disappointed Trumpers? After weeks of Trump pickup truck caravans passing my work seeing shit like above is a very fine wine indeed.
  9. Just grabbed this. 'Magic In You' is outta control, easily one of his best. Would love to know what that reverbed harpsichord-like sound he uses all the time is.
  10. Just bit the bullet on this comp. Heads up qobuz has the whole 73 track retrospective (including all the outtakes & bsides) in 24 bit/48kHz for $10.99 USD, Great value but surely an error on someone's part: https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/album/now-is-a-timeless-present-a-retrospective-ulrich-schnauss/w5el9kmgx16nc
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