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Community Answers

  1. Enjoyable! Love the vocal harmonies on the chorus.
  2. I wonder if 'The Horne' was part of Wheeltower along with Mike, Marcus & Jimbo?
  3. Cool track, enjoying all the piano riffs clattering together, hand perc, the lack of a bassline or kick gives this a really unique meandering, jammy quality. Quintessentially dreamlike. The communion of lifeforms/entities on the art makes a lot of sense.
  4. The only Severed Heads I have heard was the track 'We Have Come To Bless This House' from BoC Societas X Tape, and it was one of the best tracks for me in that whole mix. I would definitely like to hear more of their older work but haven't started searching just yet.
  5. Yeah, having listened through now that was my issue as well, the arrangements don't take any risks. Very few surprises or wild shifts in tone within a given track. They strike a seam of lushness a few times, particularly on the shorter ambient pieces, but nothing stood out to me as wildly creative or brilliant in a way that made me want to check out more of their work (looking in my collection I actually do have something by PoG, but only because it has a remix by Fieldtriqp, an artist on a different tier altogether where making this sort of music is concerned). Also, surprised we are all just letting that Bandcamp writeup slide! Did you guys read it?! Lol ... Ultimately though, their influences are great and if this album spurs newer listeners to check out the greats then that's a worthwhile outcome.
  6. Thanks for the info, but I gotta say I love your username/avatar/whole aesthetic. I hope you post more!
  7. I'd say there's no chance of the multitracks being available at all considering how he used to record these. I assume Ai is utilized to essentially reproduce the layers discreetly and then apply the surround mixing. It'd be interesting to hear what they've done with it, and presumably RDJ had to sign off on the project.
  8. Does that mean it's been remixed in surround? I wonder what Richard thinks of it.
  9. Moreover, I feel there is a cultural delusion regarding what BoC are really about, and albums like this are playing into that. BoC's aesthetic is direct and indirect simultaneously, there are many surface-level tropes one can attach to and the homage is effectively communicated (call a track 'Pythagorian Pylon-Children', add playground field recording, slow break-loop, and a synth ostinato with a degraded tape vst = bingo). It's to BoC's credit that this is possible and I believe it's played a huge role in their appeal. Obviously BoC are about more than the cynical example in parentheses above, but most BoClones are apparently content being homage artists where the reverence lies at this shallow end of BoC appreciation. One of the only artists I can really think of who not only fully understands what BoC are about on a thematic/nuanced production level, but also possesses the acumen to expand the language of said aesthetic, is Clocolan. I recommend giving 'This Will End In Love' a listen for those curious. Thanks for posting about this Alzado. Admittedly I have to give the PoG LP a full listen still but wanted to address a more pervading concern. Nice to see some spirited debate on the forum again rather than users just using the 'react' buttons on everything.
  10. The first two tracks sound like Ciaran Byrne and that last track... ... ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
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