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  1. Hilarious vid, no cameos from the 'heads though? Anyone spot them?
  2. Love the AE remix, playing a beachside rave on Saturday and will drop this in somewhere!
  3. The delay on the bell sounds with the minimal perc is cool. Becomes a bit maudlin with the strings but really cool overall! Just discovered the OST to Sonic R, holy shit could this be any more uplifting in the best possible way?! When it modulates upward @ 1:52 🥰
  4. The first Monolake track I've heard and it's blowing me away!
  5. I work at a salon/barbershop and we just play a top40 station on spotify for most of the day. Lewis Capaldi is one of the only artists where I will actually stop my client, walk over to the main computer and click 'next'. He peddles in the most cloying piano ballads imaginable and sings the lyrics with this maddening cursive vowel sound that all vocalists under 24 seem to have espoused. This one in particular is tantamount to a physical assault:
  6. First Geogaddi experience? I randomly downloaded '1969' on eMule at some point in '02/'03 and was intrigued. Bought all available CDs from local record shop in Victoria BC (Ditch Records) shortly thereafter. The shop even had the 2002 CD pressing of High Scores! TBH I've never really connected with Geogaddi like I have with the other LPs, but I have the utmost respect for their approach/mission statement with it.
  7. Thank you! To go further there is another version of 24101999 from a 2000 Merck comp CD that I am also only just hearing now:
  8. Has anyone posted this vinyl-only offcut in here cuz damn I was only just made aware of it, total classic:
  9. Yeah just digi, albeit in full lossless as opposed to the original 128 kbps net release from ‘98.
  10. Damn I only just noticed this was reissued!!!
  11. I only just noticed that Lassi remastered and reissued his 1998 '128 kbps mp3 only' LP Kobn-Tich-Ey on bandcamp, now REkobn-Tich-Ey. This is a musthave if only for track 2 'Dekc': https://brothomstates.bandcamp.com/album/rekobn-tich-ey
  12. New track is excellent, crazy they wouldn’t release or even perform it for all this time.
  13. Played a set in June at the release party for Hydroplane's new LP in his backyard. Here is the result: Featuring (in order): Nina Simone - Brown Baby (Mr. Roque Mix) Clark - Superscope Datassette - Gravel Seefeel - Hive Boards Of Canada - Buckie High Kode9 Vs. LD - Bad Richard Haig - Are Libertarians Just Closet Incels? Digital Mystikz - CR7 Chamber Plaid - Stills Autechre - Sublimit Nymphomatriarch - Blood On The Rope William S. Braintree - Random Computer Jargon David Last feat. Christina Chatfield - Obligerant Boards of Canada - Nothing Is Real Push Button Objects - Non-Existant (Keyed In By Gescom) Clocolan - Let The Future Be Unknown Again Some wonky transitions here n there, but overall captured the vibe I was going for.
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