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  1. Whenever I see ducks mating in the park it always looks strikingly like a gangbang sexual assault. An example:
  2. This is the first one that pops into my head:
  3. This is fast becoming a fav for me in his discog. Thanks for the reissue! LOL at the R. Budd Dwyer vid sample on 'Eating America With Pointed Dentures', brutal :p
  4. Bumping this topic once more with another track from EP which I think WATMM will like. I was closing out my sets on the tour with this one. I'm currently more thoroughly exploring ideas laid out here (higher BPMs, arrangements that change in character dramatically but maintain some cohesion, etc) in some newer tracks: I still have some cassettes left from the tour for sale as well, and digital obv => https://atavisticspasmrecords.bandcamp.com/album/adapteras-ep
  5. Looking forward to a digital lossless version of this (hopefully)!
  6. I usually just order them based on bpm in ascending order within Traktor.
  7. Which albums released in 2000 will get the expanded dlx reissue treatment in 2020?
  8. Untilted, a great 00s album, or the greatest 00s album?
  9. Michael Fakesch's 1999 album 'Marion 'was recently reissued by Bit-Phalanx in a deluxe double cassette/digital edition! It includes unreleased tracks as well as the 3 Demon EPs which have never been officially digitally available until now! BoC fans take note as their remix has only been available as a low quality vinyl rip previously: Purchase it here: https://bitphalanx.bandcamp.com/album/marion-20th-anniversary-edition Some tracks included:
  10. Some total gems in this mix. I’ve been compelled to investigate and purchase the work of These Trails, Flayer, Colourbox, and Severed Heads so far!
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