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  1. Whitley thanks so much for that! You are a top-tier fella for grabbing that footage and coming by to chat after 🙂
  2. ^ - Thank you, the feeling is mutual!!! Tonight is my final performance on this Seefeel tour at Warsaw in Brooklyn (only two dates left for Seefeel). The Veldt are also playing. If any NY watmms see this n wanna get on guest list pm me as there are more spots allotted to me than I anticipated (Lopez is on there now). Doors at 7PM n I am on at 8.
  3. They are including some new material in their sets, yes.
  4. Lovely meeting you fine gents 🙂
  5. It’s been going great so far, just finished driving from SF to Portland! Come out n say hi ladies n gents! Braintree thank you for the great visuals with your Vidiot!!!
  6. Extralife you're the greatest! Thanks for taking time outta your listening sched (you support a load of artists) to listen to my little thing :) And thank you to everyone who has listened and supported so far. When I get back from the tour I'll post another track from the EP in here.
  7. ^ - You're the man Gocab! Going to ship the first cassette orders shortly before day's end! Here's the Discogs link for those interested in adding this to their collections: https://www.discogs.com/Sweguno-Adapteras-EP/master/1627577 And finally if anyone wants to follow me on Instagram, where I post clips of new stuff fairly regularly, you can do so and I would appreciate it: https://www.instagram.com/sweguno/
  8. WATMM... I am pleased, after so many years of community comp tracks, to present to you my debut EP - 'Adapteras': 4 tracks of material that I think will resonate with you all! There're fast moments, slow moments, emotional bipolarity, even a harsh noise section! I crammed it ALL in just for you! Here is the first track 'Chronophobe (Ver)', my attempt at making a 'Power-Enya' piece! I think it succeeds! Linked on YouTube since the Bandcamp player doesn't seem to embed on WATMM anymore. Adapteras EP is available to you as a digital download and as a cassette of which there are 50 copies! They sound great and were dubbed by WATMM's own SPD: How can you resist? ... You cannot and should not even attempt to resist! Grab it here >>> https://atavisticspasmrecords.bandcamp.com/album/adapteras-ep P.S. - I am joining SEEFEEL on their November US tour as an opening act at select dates and will be selling cassettes at the shows I open at which include the following: Santa Ana - Nov 1st - https://bit.ly/2MXaiRn San Francisco - Nov 5th - https://bit.ly/2JspMdG Portland - Nov 7th - https://bit.ly/2qUaM29 Seattle - Nov 8th - https://bit.ly/2WjXQhD Vancouver - Nov 9th - https://bit.ly/348jnfD Brooklyn (possibly) - Nov 14th - https://bit.ly/2BSmYSY
  9. It's spoken for unfortunately, I get one spot :/
  10. Really special artist, instantly recognisable style. I've had the track 'B-O-M-A' as a low bitrate mp3 since the mid 00s so I am thrilled to hear it in full quality on the new 'Santa Cruz' LP https://fieldtriqp.bandcamp.com/track/b-o-m-a
  11. Jacquard Causeway is the most powerful moment on the LP for me. Early on Palace Posy took that spot and Jacquard was the odd one out. Split Your Infinities is up there as well. Cold Earth is the most 'fan service'y track BoC have released :p
  12. To that... rather... high rate of sampling. I think. I was picking up an awful lot of shit though. Can you smell that shit?
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