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  1. Really liking the perc programming on Doxremove, very groovy! Sunshine could use a little more variation in the percussive loop or additional layers introduced to it, nice otherwise.
  2. To be fair this track is much more interesting than 'Jam' for me; some good feels.
  3. The processing on a claps is interesting. The synth lead is that on-the-nose early 90ies throwback homage to Robin S etc that seemed to come back after that Calvin Harris single used it a few years ago. Overall it's kinda flat and lacks energy, excitement, or any real surprise. In a world where James Blake does this sound with so much more panache I don't see myself exploring this further, would love to be wrong though.
  4. Gay bear/chaser perspective:
  6. Some favs from this LP: I still listen to this all the time!
  7. You are very good at this style, very pleasant, deep & organic. Good titles too; some ambient artists really cheapen their pieces by titling them with a context in mind, e.g, Music For Dreaming, etc. Keep it abstract, or go the SoTL route and make completely irreverent titles!!
  8. No the food is delicious, it's the mess I get all over my hands and face that irritates! Most people I know seem to revel in the chance to eat sticky foods with their hands, particularly BBQ, the act often seemingly conflated with distorted concepts of masculinity or connecting with some sort of atavism.
  9. Sticky, messy food that I have to eat with my hands, like wings. The people enjoying the wings around me and licking their fingers is also irritating.
  10. Actually enjoyed this as opposed to the track in OP; cool building layers of perc. Nicely mixed with all the sounds in there by the climax. Vocals are a little iffy.
  11. The main consideration when you are choosing what type of bamboo to plant is whether you are purchasing a “clumping“ or “running“ species. Most of the bamboo plants you’ll see at nurseries are of the running variety, usually in the genus Phyllostachys. Golden and Black bamboos fall under this umbrella. Running means the subterranean stems can spread far from the original plants and invade relatively distant areas. This can be controlled by burying a three foot deep hard plastic barrier on the property line to impede its spread. With this in mind, the bamboo I purchased is a ‘clumping’ variety which is to say that its horizontal spread is much slower, occurring in concentric circles from the original growth point, therein much easier to control. If a clumper interests you species in the genus ‘Bambusa’ are the easiest to find in stores. Mine is called Graceful Weaver’s Bamboo (Bambusa textilis ‘gracilis’) and is considered one of the most beautiful bamboos available. Clumpers tend to be less cold hardy compared to runners. Where do you live? Do you know what kind of cold you’ll likely experience in winter?
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