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Hooking a 606 up to MIDI rig

Guest analogue wings

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Guest Analogue Wings

I have the chance to get a cheap 606 today. I quite like the idea of tru analogue hats as the hybrid/909 style ones on my JoMoX are a bit harsh. Since the 606 doesnt have MIDI, what kind of hoops will I have to jump through if I want to hook one up to my midi rig for just its hats?


I'm thinking a 606 MIGHT be the cheapest way to get analogue cymbals, since no one makes a standalone cymbal module...

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Guest Analogue Wings
just for hats?


that's a bit silly, don't you think?


Not really. I can (and will) get a standalone handclap module for the price this 606 is going for.


Non irritating cymbals are pretty important.


1. buy it.

2. sell it to me.

3. profit.

4. ????


..plus if it turns out not to have been worth it I can sell it for a profit

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Guest Analogue Wings
to me.

how much are you talking, anyway?




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Guest crystal

You could buy a Roland MSQ 100. It's a simple sequencer made for the Juno 106 with din sync and MIDI inputs and outputs. One can connect a TR 606 or another din sync capable machine to the MSQ 100, then connect the MSQ to an external sequencer for MIDI sync.


Plug the 606 into the MSQ 100.

Plug the MSQ 100 into the MIDI port on your PC or sequencer.

There you have a TR 606 synchronised to a midi sequencer!


Or one could spend more money by having a clever person add a midi conversion to the 606 itself.


I think the choice is between wanting to type in drum notes to the 606 itself and synchonizing it to your computer, or typing the notes on the computer and having the computer play your 606 for you. The preference is yours, therefore the choice is yours.


Good luck with your drum machine.

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for best results over drive your mixer channel of the 606 and you'll never hear anything like it!



uh i think you [well you#'ve bright it now] should of brought it for the sounds everything is fucking lush on a 606 the bass drum snare low toms [not so much hi] and cymbles and HH.. esepcially as you have 4 possible hihat sounds




x-chh o - ohh - none


x x x x x x x x x x x x o - - -


it has the analouge open hihat decay


and you get a ride if you put a ohh on top of a chh


the 606 is an amazing drum machine... i even take it on the bus and programe!



also like crystal said unless your a gear head and want vintage machine untouched [like me] midi retro fits sound like a good idea



but like the whole world knows i sequence my 606/303 dinsyc up to my 707 then into anything midi


but that can go for anything with duel midi/dinsync sequencers

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