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Michael Fakesch - Exchange


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Michael Fakesch:

"It's official, I'm gonna release all my best remixes on my own label Musik Aus Strom.

The remixcompilation will be called Exchange and it's gonna feature Fakesch remixes for Herbert,

Bomb The Bass, Booka Shade, Mr. Oizo, Notwist, Raz Ohara, Hexstatic, Towa Tei, Jean Jacques Perrey,

Jimmy Edgar, Von Südenfed and more...Releasedate will be March, 5th 2010,

distribution by Diamonds & Pearls (www.dnp-music.com)!"



1. Lambs Anger/Jo (Fakesch Remix)

2. Mandarine Girl (Fakesch Remix)

3. D-Tron (Fakesch Remix)

4. So Special feat. Paul Conboy (Fakesch Remix)

5. Head In Noose (Fakesch Remix)

6. The Burning Desire (Fakesch Remix)

7. Taste Of You feat. Taprikk Sweezee (Fakesch Remix)

8. Steeltongued (Fakesch Remix)

9. The Rhinohead (Fakesch Remix)

10. Freak Me feat. B+ (Fakesch Remix)

11. Black Bug feat. Taprikk Sweezee (Fakesch Remix)

12. My Bad Habit (Fakesch Remix)

13. Something Isn't Right feat. Taprikk Sweezee (Fakesch Remix)

14. Psyche (Fakesch Remix)

15. Gloomy Planets (Fakesch Remix)

16. Paint It Blue (Fakesch Remix)

17. Little Baby Eyes (Fakesch Remix)




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Funkstorung's Michael Fakesch revives the Musik Aus Strom imprint from a three year hibernation to release a compendium

of his remix works. There's an all-star line up in the firing line, from Mr. Oizo to MoM & Mark E Smith's Von Südenfed project,

but all are treated with the same caustic digital approach, leaving his binary fingerprint all over the show. Fakesch is a

notoriously prolific character with enough versatility to make this work, whether it's an advanced electrofunk session

on the 'My Bad Habit' remix or taking Oizo's edits one step further with 'Lambs Anger' or carefully deconstructing

The Notwist's pop delicacy 'Gloomy Planets' into a softly burred electronica treat.

Basically, it's all worth restarting MAS for...



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Guest Bourbon Surf

have to admit i didn't really enjoy this album....

was my first real foray into his music

i really liked his track on the mas confusion compilation however....

is there any classic michael fakesch album i should track down....?

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'Marion' is one of the first great electronic albums I ever purchased....


so much better than his newer sound, i.e. this record


get either his demon tracks or 'Marion' if you want to hear some truly great music....



sorry Troon but I miss the early days of Funkstorung, seems 'Vice Versa' was their last attempt at being cutting edge

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sorry troon but I miss the early days of Funkstorung, seems 'Vice Versa' was their last attempt at being cutting edge


i'm all about early funkstorung top-i really wish the two of them would settle their differences and join forces again

on another appetite for distruction.




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