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  1. has it leaked yet? (I bought the vinyl but its still 2 days...)
  2. it would be more funny if he had a bunch of great current releases that make up for it. I really would love to see some of the quality he did in the past. maybe he lost access to the studio he did the first LPs in and after a while stopped to still give a fuck but the arrangement was a lot better back then. maybe he now has a wife and kids and no time to produce tracks all day long.
  3. o00o

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    wow just came back and saw 14 reactions on my post. thank you guys.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/radiohead/status/1247931530925785089?s=19
  5. o00o

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    my ex-girlfriend and a very good friend that died recently was with me on these concerts. can't really enjoy listening to these even if they are the best live gig I have seen by AE so far
  6. The virus is called SARS-COV 2 which causes an illness called COVID 19 so the name of the topic is wrongly suggesting the virus is called COVID-19
  7. this guy is just nuts. I am a total fanboy and I have no shame admitting
  8. Watchmen, Mandalorian, Rick & Morty All highly suggested
  9. No she is just with him randomly nothing to see here
  10. I really like the drums in fa nonsense- are these sampled?
  11. So she does celebrity gossip as promotion now?
  12. Working on films often doesn’t pay well that’s why they do most fx overseas. Spotify? Where is your vinyl
  13. The OA was one of the best tv shows in recent history but as it was a slow burner and not immediately accessible most people didn’t make through the first dull episode so now the show is canceled after 2 seasons which is really a shame
  14. Not going to buy this time. Last time there was a full length of unreleased stuff. The artists themselves do not seem to care either
  15. “Hey brad pull up your shirt” ”hey Leo look drunk and drive the vintage car down that road” thats about how deep the movie goes
  16. The movie was just Quentin telling Leo & Brad how to pose embedded in a sloppy script. I can not find any of the deeper meaning you guys are seeing in this
  17. They could have just made a dinner show. I would have enjoyed it the same way
  18. And by this stop their financial problem that made them put it online in the first place? I don’t think somebody sells it if he or she doesn’t really need the money
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