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  1. looks pretty weird. I very much a fan for the more satirical approach but strangely the pandemic made me kind of thin skinned in comparison to before. this kind of humor seems in a weird shift currently when you look at southpark which had some really great seasons 3-4 years ago but has mutated to a weird self referencing sitcom since the pandemic or black mirror which has left the screen entirely
  2. Interesting read - I find it really fascinating how much time and effort fans spend to document richards artist persona. on the other hand there is really much to write about
  3. Bit older (2020) but as nobody here seem to know Doltz - I thought I would share Artwork on this is also nice:
  4. sounds a lot like DROWN THE TRAITOR WITHIN which is a very good thing
  5. What are the tracks on this channel? They do not sound like recordings from live shows also the animation looks somewhat official? Could also be some elaborate fake why are the not on his SoundCloud?
  6. thats really interesting. most of them I did not know yet. really cool stuff in there
  7. I guess it’s also not easy selling music during a major crisis even more so when you can’t do gigs and all DJ are on hiatus cutting into your vinyl sales
  8. All releases where tied to some show or performance one crosspromoting the other. As soon as the live gigs stopped due to the pandemic so did the releases
  9. Yeah using underwater microphones, underwater themes and the cover is blue with a font that looks like waves splashing on a beach this one is pretty straight forward
  10. Sophie sounds like Otto von Schirach made by someone 10 years younger. Autechre just removed all fx and showed what these tracks are actually made from which is interesting
  11. https://ad93.bandcamp.com/track/dream-houses-of-the-global-north https://1985-music.bandcamp.com/track/dark-guru https://relationreset.com/track/seek-assistance https://fearfulmusic.bandcamp.com/album/exordium
  12. I did not listen so much to the last releases as I find it incredibly stressful during the pandemic. I really prefer more chilled music to some that makes me even more jittery
  13. I really like atom but this is not really good
  14. Is it just me or does music on watmm feel like a never ending circlejerk where you have a couple of artists that are a bit past their prime time and visiting their subforums feel like waiting in front of a public restroom for someone to finish (aphex really gives me this feeling a lot) while on the other hand you have artists that have been suggested first on lastfm then Spotify for decades when listening to warp artists that get posted here as well. So as this is interesting it rarely offers something new to the table. The only new bands that got a hype here recently are basically aphex / boc coverbands that fill the void with their interpretation of the well known. At the same time there is a very vibrant and innovative Bandcamp scene that nobody here seems to notice.
  15. this looks like some undergraduate student project and even those are better
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