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  1. dont google any info on it and just watch it. its like the new black mirror
  2. Remember when the digital analords where sold online ? I bought them all an if I had no backup they would be gone
  3. Wow missed this one upon release. This is as much bladerunner as it gets
  4. also there is a legend going around that noisia provided skrillex with patches and by this helped "create" him as he was not able to do this himself.
  5. Noisia is how prodigy should sound like in 2022 the new and last album has some hit and miss but when they do a track well it’s really good. And yeah aphex was playing them I am pretty sure they also did solo collabs with Amon Tobin but I didn’t like these much
  6. This looks really interesting. It’s basically Mario odyssey with a more evolved 2d in texture platformer part
  7. You can export the subtitles to txt: https://downsub.com/
  8. https://noisia.bandcamp.com/album/closer wow
  9. Where did you find the release date? It always says sometimes in 2022 - looking forward to this for months now @ topic just got tetris effect just out of boredom and it got me playing for 4 hours in one session but this feels more like an addiction than a normal way of enjoying a game but who cares
  10. which website was this generated on?
  11. I stopped my news addiction by replacing it with Nintendo games. Now I think about mario most of the time
  12. her? an afx collab would be very fitting https://hockeysmith.bandcamp.com/music
  13. and I agree this gets blunt pretty quickly
  14. the copies always emerge when Richard should release but isn't 😄
  15. ah the psychedelic variant I prefer your suggestion to the distorted regular ones:
  16. wow they come with their own meme just bought these in combination with these:
  17. what about these: hipster? cool? pretentious?
  18. I am still waiting for some proper merch. Why is aphex not booked for the upcoming festival season? Autechre is already touring
  19. Yeah murcof kind of lost it with the Versailles Sessions and never got back on track. I always wonder how this happens.
  20. https://spacedrummeditation.bandcamp.com/album/space-drum-meditation-sdm004 started collecting all the perlon stuff you can't find good digital copies of:
  21. This needs some more listens to be properly reviewed
  22. besides the very nice soundtrack I have no I idea what this is supposed to be about
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