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  1. has it leaked yet? (I bought the vinyl but its still 2 days...)
  2. it would be more funny if he had a bunch of great current releases that make up for it. I really would love to see some of the quality he did in the past. maybe he lost access to the studio he did the first LPs in and after a while stopped to still give a fuck but the arrangement was a lot better back then. maybe he now has a wife and kids and no time to produce tracks all day long.
  3. o00o

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    wow just came back and saw 14 reactions on my post. thank you guys.
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/radiohead/status/1247931530925785089?s=19
  5. o00o

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    my ex-girlfriend and a very good friend that died recently was with me on these concerts. can't really enjoy listening to these even if they are the best live gig I have seen by AE so far
  6. The virus is called SARS-COV 2 which causes an illness called COVID 19 so the name of the topic is wrongly suggesting the virus is called COVID-19
  7. this guy is just nuts. I am a total fanboy and I have no shame admitting
  8. Watchmen, Mandalorian, Rick & Morty All highly suggested
  9. No she is just with him randomly nothing to see here
  10. I really like the drums in fa nonsense- are these sampled?
  11. So she does celebrity gossip as promotion now?
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