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  1. there was lecture video during polymer where they talk about a very complex modular sampler plugin they often use Anyone knows where to find it? The video was not listed on youtube
  2. oh this is really sad. he was a great guy that had a very unique vibe going for him.
  3. I really like some of the Giegling Label output like Kettenkarussell but who the pays these extraordinary prices for Traumprinz vinyl on discogs?? Do they push the push prices artificially or does he really have a fan base like Richard that doesn’t care about a 400 price tag and beyond?
  4. so what happened to them? did he delay the release due to the pandemic?
  5. the social media censorship we see is just bidens crew taking control over the departments in social media control rooms
  6. lol the facebook groups are still intact
  7. It’s all Facebook- they can live in a completely detached filter bubble. I really wonder why nobody mentions it given how far everything has escalated
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