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  1. this looks almost as if it was created with some kind of fractal software - nice work
  2. He seems to have a thing for dorian and d minor. I did similar analysis by also extracting the chords with melodyne from the analord series. (Especially xmd5a and phonatacid) did you notice some microtuning in the Clark analysis? we should start a topic on this sometime
  3. Ah thx for writing it out that’s really interesting. Going to do a listening session to it soon
  4. How did you find your way from the date inside the nft to this YouTube channel?
  5. hm the have so little harmonic content its hard to tell if the are for real - where did you find them?
  6. cool looking forward to - I sometimes do this with melodyne as well but I wish I could guess scales just by listening
  7. venetian snares had the same issue getting tired of his formula and started churning out releases and you could totally hear it
  8. So whats technically different to Body Riddle - for me its synthesis mostly and quality control. The new releases sound like his attention span and restraint to keep something is much lower. It sounds like he just jams something quickly and does not wait how tracks feel over time but just puts it out as is. I wonder how much time a body riddle track took him vs the current output
  9. He really outdid himself with trendsetting this time
  10. I do not care much about another thing - just release the tapes pls
  11. (Don’t want to bother but the is one of the most interesting takes on this topic as it’s finally adding some meat to the discussion and makes me wonder if it’s the synthesis that changed or if he did something on the harmonic side in comparison to older releases)
  12. That’s very interesting- did notice a difference to his older releases like body riddle or empty the bones of you in terms of harmonic structure? Could you do this song by song key analysis with said records?
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