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  1. o00o

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Some years ago I would have disregarded this as a joke but considering the latest developments ...
  2. o00o

    AE_STORE Is Live!

    Is this a physical release or download?
  3. o00o


    Sorry mixed up with Parkinson’s and it’s basically a pacemaker for brains
  4. o00o


    What does that even mean? Everything I read is as vague as possible sprinkled with buzzwords like ai to attract investors probably because he did not find anyone anymore to fund Tesla
  5. It’s hosted on aws so none of this makes sense
  6. o00o


    So what’s his revolutionary new approach in the whole thing? He is just making something used to treat depression and Alzheimer’s into a consumer product. On the other hand it’s the same Steve Jobs did with the iPhone as well. I guess it’s just me not liking his way of pretending to be a great inventor when he is just a great investor able to pull all nerds to buy his stuff
  7. o00o


    Neuralink is just musk making a product out of scientific research that has been done for over a decade by optimizing the process of development. All the info on wait but why is nothing new. It’s all stuff that has been done for over 10 years by science all he does is making a product out of it (his pitch is in the last 2 % of the article) so its just musk selling something others developed to his nerd audience which he does really well
  8. No it’s the price it did cost back when the banner was put up and what jr is probably still paying as he did not refresh the contact. Prices have dropped considerably since then and traffic is never billed extra for the last 10 years
  9. @JoyrexI really wonder why its $70 to host this website. you can get your own server with 300GB of space for $20-30 max currently with ssh and domains. Maybe its time to re-negotiate the hosting terms with your provider. this save of costs could also be used to decrease subscription fees
  10. @Joyrex In addition the mobile theme has 1 1/2 topics displayed when opening the page vs 5 topics before the new update. So you now have to scroll down to see more than 1 topic in unread content on mobile (iPhone 8 ) In expanded mode you can't even see 1 full topic. these are really bad UI patterns for engagement
  11. I addition I was using the condensed theme quite heavily which is gone as well.
  12. Interesting statistics thanks for posting. For me its still the new mobile layout that keeps me from posting on mobile like I used to. I even switched to tapatalk for that reason. Currently you can see about 5 topics in condensed mode at the same time (expanded you can see 3 topics max at the same time). Before you could see close to 8. That really slows my engagement level on mobile resulting in a much lower post rate.
  13. Mine guards my drukqs vinyl
  14. Wow very nice- what kind of lens is this?
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