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Community Answers

  1. Perfect song to go viral on tiktok- which seems the whole purpose of the remix
  2. Do you guys also know how it will sound even before loading the topic? I do
  3. I own the la sportiva nepal as well - best mountain boots I have ever owned - care to elaborate on the rest of your equipment? Looks like you have a decent skill level in that area
  4. Awesome looks like a great trip
  5. Ah thx that’s really interesting- how about synthesis? Are you doing it during the sequencing while laying the tracks or beforehand and what’s your technique?
  6. I really like the first track! Can you elaborate on your workflow? What kind of daw are you recording to?
  7. Now / soon would make a good time
  8. So are they just keep doing the same formula with everyone looking like they came right out retirement?
  9. do you want to feel old? like really old? watch this:
  10. I really wonder - are people not going to be vaccinated secretly afraid of injections ?
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