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  1. besides the very nice soundtrack I have no I idea what this is supposed to be about
  2. Just listened to it again after a very very long time and I really like it at lot. really ahead of its time
  3. I really wonder if they release Wind Waker on xmas
  4. It has some bugs where you just cant solve a puzzle but I really like the weird humor. just got a switch and there are soooo many great games. Bought about 15 Games and still I really wonder what hidden gems I missed so far.
  5. have you been able to find the full versions of these on youtube? Where have they been played before?
  6. o00o


    yeah I would buy nothing that I can find from the original artists but look at aphex for example: everything is sold out the other prints I got are not sold by official sources so is this guy selling shirts and they steal these from him thereby diminishing his sales or are we talking about imaginary sales as he does not sell shirts? If not its basically the same if you download the image and have it printed at a local copy shop but without the hassle. I get your point tho
  7. got a paid youtube subscription which was really worth it. plus you get youtube music which has all vinyl rips that you can't find anywhere else. the audio quality is not the best but for finding obscure vinyl tracks its great
  8. the binder last sold for £1000. Would be great to reissue with the additional tapes he promised just to kill this aftermarket madness If you take SYRO we will need to wait till 2027
  9. The trailer does not look nearly as stunning as a Marvel production tbh:
  10. lol wtf but they know what pulls new subscribers into their service and they go all in. May 27 is also the day Disney + is starting with Obi Wan
  11. Hachures sounds like a piano track slowed down 10 times with paul stretch and a bit of delay
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