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  1. Test test It’s invisible/ white on white edit now it works
  2. Is twin peak worth watching? Tried watching but it starts so very slow
  3. yeah this - I guess the css file is still linked with https so its not used on an unsecure connection. had this issue in the past serveral times while building a website
  4. Just got a https certificate warning
  5. o00o

    Game of Thrones

    GRRM already mentioned several spinoffs in his blog
  6. o00o

    Game of Thrones

    Yeah and the showmakers will read about which made it already worth it
  7. Hope there are going to be more tracks like Los and Maru
  8. Finally- been waiting for this so long sadly no vinyl yet wish he would repress forward escape as well
  9. Just use the freeze function on tracks you are not working on currently
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