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Community Answers

  1. This thing got trashed so hard by basically all tech blogs and YouTubers all over the internet yesterday
  2. This would make a good T-shirt. I should think about a design
  3. Going to see him live later this year. Curious where this is going
  4. Google does the same with their models for serving ads. They delete the trained data on your person but the model stays trained
  5. Yeah it’s going to be amazing in some months.
  6. Around 1:00:00 it’s like a rollercoaster when it shortly stops just to tear you apart entirely afterwards
  7. this a really trippy experimental set. sounds like autechre in their early days
  8. The music is really awesome again but this label has to most uninspired cover artwork I have ever seen not doing these artists justice. So boring that I am tempted not to buy it even tho I really like the music which happens very rarely
  9. really cool. I have not seen all these ideas in pattern recognition really come to exceptional result but I think its just a matter of time
  10. Epic. A bit different to Hague as there is all this scratching but the vibe is really close
  11. Just got this yesterday. It’s by one of the Limbo / Inside developers from Playdead. It came out quite a while ago but I somehow completely missed it
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