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  1. Yeah this - I makes it really hard to listen to as I am so used to what Thom does and it’s just not comparable
  2. thx I was wondering why they didn't upload it yet but the tour is still ongoing
  3. It’s the same with movies. If you can build something for an established fanbase income becomes predictable
  4. No but I was playing a lot more BOTW before starting TOTK yesterday. It’s incredible how they improved many of the gameplay mechanics and went a much more emotional route with it. Sometimes it has these great studio ghibli vibes. The hand thing also looks a bit like a scene from akira
  5. I asked Chat GPT a random question with Internet access enabled and it started using the Internet because it had the impression it needed up to date information to better answer the question It’s was a weird „one second let me google that“ moment It also took quite a while browsing and reading the content
  6. I asked ChatGPT about his opinion on https://forum.watmm.com/topic/93853-ai-the-artificial-intelligence-thread/page/26/#comments at the end of the statements he adds a link to the quotes he talks about. these did not go well with copy pasting them here
  7. I was pretty obsessed with boc for a while but during the last 3 years so much other music came along with their own psychedelic values that boc took more of a backseat. It’s still nice to come down from trips but it’s not my main go to music anymore
  8. o00o

    British Culture

    Really enjoying the ceremony with bangface live commentary
  9. So you are making all this up or is there some kind of source for this?
  10. I think he moved to berlin and like most artists moving to berlin I know of that had their small creative live somewhere remote before he totally got sucked into the berlin scene and lost his outsider perspective he had before. I have seen it so many times with friends who where to most creative people. once they move into cities like berlin they stop being creative in the same way they where before. Maybe the pandemic got him back to his equilibrium which would explain this record being different
  11. interesting - I had the impression it was much harder to patch. I have a pretty new OLED Switch. Its not in the range anymore. On the other hand I feel really good supporting my childhood hero Nintendo and the indie game devs even tho I sometimes spend money on games that turn out shit because they had no demo version and I had to trust the reviews. This did happen on all Nintendo platforms over the years.
  12. I asked GPT 4 about it and this is what it thinks: Feeding a machine a large amount of data from the internet does not inherently produce intelligence, autonomy, or consciousness. Instead, it is the process of training the machine learning model on this data, using sophisticated algorithms, that enables it to learn patterns and generate responses resembling human-like behavior. While these models, such as ChatGPT, may exhibit intelligent behavior, they are not truly autonomous or conscious. When we say a machine can "do anything in the domain of information," we mean that it has the ability to process, analyze, and manipulate various types of data to perform tasks or make decisions. This ability is limited by the quality and range of data the model has been trained on, as well as the model's architecture and capabilities. Referring to something like ChatGPT as a "brain" can be a metaphorical way of describing its function, as it processes information and generates responses in a manner that may be reminiscent of human cognitive processes. However, it is important to note that this terminology can be misleading. While a model like ChatGPT can exhibit intelligent behavior, it does not possess true consciousness or self-awareness, and its functioning is fundamentally different from that of a human brain. As a result, it may be more appropriate to use terms like "model" or "algorithm" to describe these systems.
  13. yeah it was more like playing hide and seek with him while collecting great releases on the way.
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