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  1. How is the performance on steam deck? I started emulating many switch games on my shadow back then which led me buying a switch in the end and its a different experience
  2. ok I will give it another try - is the silksong addon recommendable as well?
  3. how significant was the sound problem that they go to these length?
  4. they literally played the acropolis in July.
  5. Ghost Song looks really nice. Had Dandara for iOS but I have to try it again on switch as it will play much better with controllers. Seems also much bigger and complex from the trailers than the small part I played on the phone. I see Dead Cells recommended very often. I found it to difficult and overwhelming the first time I played it on steam years ago but I should give it another try as it seems to become more fun when you are deeper into the gameplay.
  6. I just started listening to binaural beats as they scientifically increase focus during work and by this noticed how similar it sounds to boc even so its not a real "song". Do you think they knew about this or did it happen by accident?
  7. Researched Metroidvania games and got Axiom Verge and Carrion. Any must have suggestions besides Ori and Owlboy? Is Hollow Knight worth a shot? I got in on steam some years ago and found the monochrome graphics quite dull but maybe its different on the switch?
  8. I just got Metroid Dread. It’s surprisingly similar to my favorite platformers Celeste and Ori with its dashing moves and slowly expanding skill set. I like it much more than I expected
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