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albert pujols

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Guest ms-dos

sttouistoday.com ran an article yesterday regarding albert's recent lack of production, and they offered that it was probably due to some undisclosed injuries. most people writing about baseball agree, and so do i. then pujols did this just a few hours after the article ran:


              AB	R	H	RBI	HR	BB	K	SB	LOB
A. Pujols 1b	3	4	3	4	3	2	0	0	0


these were derby shots. the first one left the park and made it to waveland ave. the second one hit the fire house across the street. like the st louis article says, whatever hinders pujols tends to pass or else he adjusts. it is why he is albert pujols.


the stats speak for themselves. it doesn't matter what metrics you're using; albert always come out on top. he has no peers currently in the league. he plays a beautiful first base too.


st louis posters: do you ever make it out to see him play? do you think most people in the area are aware that this guy is a serious contender for greatest ever? is albert pujols a name that you guys in other countries hear about? and yes, it's pronounced "poo' holes."

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