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Cylob DJ mix CD


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I've got a pretty rare Cylob mix CD for anyone who wants it. It's a CD-R hand-labelled "DJ Cylob mix 11/2001". I won it from Cylob's website, so it's legit. I can only imagine it was burnt and labelled by Cylob himself.


So anyway, as much as I like Rewind and Cut the Midrange, Drop the Bass, DJ mix CDs aren't really my thing. eBay won't let me sell it because they're convinced all CD-Rs are bootlegs, so I'm just going to give it to the first person to PM me their UK postal address. I'd just like to know it's going to a good home where someone will really appreciate having it.




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I'm not going to copy it. I'm just going to give it away. As I'm trying to give it away to a member on this forum, maybe they'll copy it for you?

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