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acids and 808s

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Guest bigs

006 is pretty damn sweet! it's a little too muffled during the intro part, but still thoroughly enjoyable. i love the breakdownish stuff at 1:50 and the awesome tweaking that follows. the transition at 2:45 is reallllllly rough... like that needs to be smoothed over a lot, maybe if you slapped on a reverb or something to make it drone on rather than just stopping dead in its tracks and starting up slow. regardless, nice!


007 is cool as well. it reeks of summer heat and slow days. i think the pads are really cheesy and the progression is kind of lame. the bass is really awesome and deserves a less piercing and cheesed pad. love the percussion and reverb. i like the calm breakdown halfway through -- don't be afraid to take the resonance down a bit and get some warmer sounds! the squelch never leaves this one. the delayed bell-like sound is pretty nice but could maybe be brought down a bit.


both of these tracks are well done and well produced -- nice job! in general i think things repeat a bit longer than they need to, but that's a personal taste. keep it up, diggin the funky acid, mang.

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they both score quite high on craftsmanship but very low on originality


that's fine i guess


i'm just not into acid like everyone around here enough to love this stuff


but i am impressed with the programming. nice work. you should make an ep or something of high quality shit like 06

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