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Shadow Huntaz


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So I just discovered this




and I fucking love it. I didn't know anything about Shadow Huntaz other than that they released on Skam and Funckarma produce their work (therefore I should've checked em out sooner, derp)


What's a good starting album? Standout tracks?

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I love these dudes. I haven't heard the most recent record, but the first 2 on Skam are legit. "American Dreamz" is my favorite track.


Also the instrumentals for the Skam records are key. Plenty going on in those tracks to enjoy them on instrumental as well.

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I thought Corrupt Data when it first came out was excellent, the right blend of the hip-hop, rapping and funckarma-ish jiggery-pokery. 4 or 5 absolute cracking tracks on there and the rest was decent too. Valley Of The Shadow really dissapointed though, felt just like any random funckarma side project with some vocals cut'n'paste on the top - no real groove to it.


I stopped paying attention after that.

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