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Guest futuregirlfriend

I'm going to be doing some audio for animation, so I'm installing a few things I haven't tried to see how they feel and what the video support is like. I've only had X1 open about 15-20 minutes, but holy cock this looks like a mess. The top bar with the tools, transport etc looks quite tidy but the rest looks atrocious and not as customisable as you may think either. Anyone using this version?

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The videos looked all nifty, but once I installed it to fidget, it was one of the worst DAW experiences I've ever had. If you move ANYTHING then EVERYTHING that is moving STOPS until you stop moving whatever it was you were moving. That's just embarrassing. Aside from that it was nowhere even remotely close to where I'd hoped it would be. Sad day for you, Cakewalk/Roland. Damn.

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Guest hahathhat

i did an interview with cakewalk, to potentially get hired to work on sonar. i told the dude i really preferred cubase sx and he was like, "huh." didn't hear back with an offer

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