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disco inferno / talk talk / bark psychosis

vamos scorcho

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yep! also check out o rang (features some ex-members of talk talk) if you like that kind of stuff:






probably my favourite o rang track:



also, tim friese greene's project 'heligoland' is very good, raw, slightly electronic pop rock music. nothing on youtube though, aww.



oh and yeah, like kaini, those last talk talk albums are perfect.


oh! and also, this song by bark psychosis sounds disturbingly like the rooftop access song 'hats off to you simon tempest', even though at the time of recording the song, none of us had heard bark psychosis or talk talk:




hats off to you simon tempest


(mostly the drum beat and the ending from the bark psychosis song)


edit again: FUCK they sound so similar

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yep, i love labradford and slowdive too. dreamy post-rock is fucking excellent. such a satisfying genre!


i'll be checking out orang.

awesome. i consider them to be one of my favourite post-talk talk discoveries. some of the most psychedelic music i've ever heard, but with substance too. some of the stuff on the first album is so psychedelic, i highly doubt anyone was sober during the recording sessions.

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oh good! glad you liked it.


i've seen a couple of copies of laughing stock on vinyl (on discogs) for very cheap recently - both saying that it's a new re-press? can anyone confirm this? google doesn't seem to help. would be nice to have a good quality vinyl copy of laughing stock (the only talk talk vinyl i don't own) without having to pay upwards of $120 for what might not be as 'near mint' as the discogs marketplace ad leads to believe.

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Guest disparaissant

i dont remember who said it but someone on here said that mark hollis' eponymous solo album is an album so delicate you wonder why it doesn't just fall apart. which is just a perfect description of it. i love that album so much.

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yeah, it's fucking beautiful. and yeah, that is a perfect description of it. only a few months ago did i realise that the album is entirely acoustic. in that regard, i would consider it probably the most amazing use of acoustic instruments (at least, in a 'pop song' sense) that i've heard.

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