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First ever "dance/more upbeat" track


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I've only really produced Ambient/Drone music, why? Because I find it easy. I wanted a challenge, as well as something my friends could listen to on a shitty pair of speakers.


Took me about 30 minutes to create the sounds then about 20 minutes for arrangement. I think its shit but I'd like some feedback. Trying to get into the dance/trance field.


Some good criticism would be lovely :)



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Guest kokeboka

I'm in no way an expert on trance, but I think the kick would improve with more low end and less mid-range resonance. On the other hand, the bass feels like it could be a bit more aggressive/mid-rangy, to cut through the mix easier. It kind of feels like the rhythm section is lacking punch, in general. As far as the programming goes, it feels a bit repetitive some times - maybe you could add more hi hats complementing the main beat, a few fills and subtleties here and there to keep things interesting. Small things in the right places, progressing as the track progresses - keep building stuff around the foundation.


Again, I'm an absolute ignorant about trance music so I might be wrong about all this.

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Guest mischjok

I think the kicks in trance and techno have less low end that the kicks in house songs.


I usually tend to hate this kind of beat patterns. Here´s something that is both complex and danceable:



Notice how massive the kick sounds.

I think the bass doesn´t fit with the other sounds. It´s like the sine synth, the noisy saw and the synth were playing in different keys.

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I like the bassline & the sound of the harshish saw that comes in halfway through. Track feels pretty sparse at the moment though, particularly in the first minute. I think some more layers of stuff would make it feel less repetitive & drawn out.

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