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good 1v1 games, shoot em up/fighter/racing


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I like the look of this but fuck, I have no-one to play this stuff with any more.

You and me both man - Posting that pic brought back bittersweet memories of the days that me and my bro would spend on the Miggy (Amiga) together playing PD games that were on the coverdisks of magazines. That and this one (Knights - A sort of flick screen Gauntlet set in a randomly generated castle) took up many many hours of our lives -



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Guest volg4

+1 speedball


if you've got MAME, the 1941 series games are cool, also RAMPAGE




sensible soccer FTW!


fuck, had so many MAME roms and i cant remember any of them....


edit: most of the beat'em'up type 2 player ones, gauntlet, streets of rage... etc







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