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Community Answers

  1. Seems like he’s being an edgelord bellend when he’s got something to promote. Urgh
  2. holy shit that drop with the pads. stunning
  3. http://findingmyrepublicangoddess.com/
  4. Any ideas what this is? Go to the Instagram story and there’s some squelchy bass and synths - bit aphex sounding
  5. first track was weak but into Dollaz, it's fun
  6. Powder Dry was such a moment. Really hope a video comes out because I think the setlist was amazing but I can't remember any details.
  7. I triple monitor, we use laptops and docking stations at work with dual monitors so I just keep my laptop lid up and use it as a third screen for spotify definitely agree that if possible you want identical monitors so the colours match. also the same size is great so you can move your cursor freely between the screens - sometimes the cursor can get 'caught'
  8. decks dark and the numbers are elite Radiohead tracks. This LP has the potential to be their best since Kid A for me.
  9. this is pretty much my life. trying to work on trains and planes - although my suits are slightly better. what a fucking norm
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