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David Sylvian & Stephan Mathieu - Wandermüde


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"Wandermüde" by Stephan Mathieu and David Sylvian. David Sylvian’s experimental breakthrough "Blemish" (sound-cd ss001) sees a new interpretation in the album "Wandermüde", by the remarkable electro-acoustic musician Stephan Mathieu. Working from the instrumental source material, Mathieu brings us a new experience of the most stirring textures and darkest thoughts from this pivotal album."



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Yeah. Glad it's going to be instrumental...


david sylvian's earliest poetry is quite good and i adore his vocal sound; its buttery, fluttery, warmth. i am not able to enjoy his vocal releases past the 'dead bees on a cake', however. the later work is, for the most part, all a bit saccharine for my taste. sylvian's instrumental works are without doubt my favourite. i don't believe i've ever disliked one that i can remember

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yeah, I was not a fan of that past one. did you like it? the one on mathieu's label.


Yeah, Palimpsest. Couldn't get into it. I was already not pleased with the concept, as I think Bill Callahan is one of the worst artists I've ever heard. It would've been awesome without Sylvain Chauveau's vocals, who is clearly trying to sing like David Sylvian, but isn't pulling it off.


I'm not a fan of spoken word and baritone vocals (for the most part) in the first place though. I don't think those are very fitting for ambient music.

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