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I didn't touch it yet, I know I have to change the dynamics of some sounds at the beginning dunno about the whole

When I have uploaded this it was removed due to copyright claims from Lou Reed - Hearts.
This guy is a founder of valvet underground omg. his song is just 1 or maybe 2 ambient sounds.
now I've played both at the same time - my track and the one of the copyright claim,
maybe it's because I'm mad but I think it works pretty well and it'S even better than the original, so due to copyright claims I want to sample 8:30 out of ~15 minutes of his song, is this legit?

Here to run both at the same time lol

THANKS ALOT to all the WATMM visitors, thanks for listening & comenting & giving me advice,
you're the dreamer of the dreams!

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Hehe okay, thx for listening
I just found those 2 on my desktop
I think I wanted to change the begin that's why I didn't upload it

This was done right after I installed "native absynth" +++++ for native instruments

*I recommend to listen my stuff with headphones !

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I didn't do much the last weeks and my FL kept crashing when I tried to work with one track but I had a nice find it's from 05.12


maybe the 2nd part is to plain

I have done this too, something feels very wrong


slow soundscape with late and crappy kick ;)



that's it


don't expect anything polished anytime soon ;(


keep up the good work!

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