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  1. Every single thread, I bring to a grinding halt. (I choose to believe it's the thread's fault--all of them--and not mine.)
  2. Mr. Mercedes - I can't tell if it's good or not, I feel like wanting to know what happens next isn't a good metric for whether a show is good, or maybe it is, i feel like I can't tell anymore, but all the 'this is a Stephen King IP' winks are distracting... I give it 3 or 4 stars (out of 5 or 6)
  3. I think Sean finds the Richard Devine samples, and then Rob is the the one who runs them through Buffer Override. (Even more beautiful, when you think about it...)
  4. Well there's gotta be at least two of them: One to press the 'idm' button and one to press 'record'. (It's rather beautiful when you think about it...)
  5. LimpyLoo

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    Don't you find it a bit suspicious that all of his stories are like this? Like, the story about the hot tub, bug-chasers, incest and guts, the woman in hell where it's just semen everywhere, the novel about the gangbang and all the gross ways to die from sex...it just starts to look like he can't slow down because he set the gross-out bar too high... (Btw I still really like Lullaby and Invisible Monsters) EDIT: THAT GANGBANG NOVEL IS ABOUT A PORNSTAR'S. ANGRY SON WAITING IN LINE TO FUCK HER TO DEATH
  6. LimpyLoo

    Now Reading

    https://www.beingcharliekaufman.com/index.php/scripts-writing/scripts-writing Recommended: 1) How and Why - script for supernatural horror\comedy TV pilot (which was filmed but unreleased, starring Michael Cera and that dude from Deadwood)...i really wanna see how thos would play out... 2) Frank or Francis - Charlie Kaufman wrote a feature-length musical, recruited a bunch of (then)A-listers like Steve Carell, Jack Black and Katherine Keener, and still couldn't get financing...
  7. Only in the last year or so have I noticed how many white-supremacists-who-don't-realize-they're-white-supremacists there are. (My dad included)
  8. LimpyLoo

    Now Reading

    I used to love Chuck Palahniuk. Invisible Monsters was my favorite novel for a few years. I read a bunch of his stuff. But then I started to get this nagging feeling that he was leaning a bit too much on shock-value as a crutch. And it seemed to get worse and worse... And then I saw him on JRE, and I realized that his whole shtick was just peddling shock as though it's some sort of inherently-redemptive experience. And that's when I seinfeld-in-theater-gif noped out of Chuch Palahniuk for good.
  9. LimpyLoo

    Now Reading

    Story Genius: how to use brain science to go beyond outlining and write a riveting novel (before you waste three years writing 327 pages that go nowhere) - by Lisa Cron The last book-about-writing that I read--Several Short Sentences About Writing--was so good, so well-written that I don't even know how to describe it. This book, by contrast, is the sort of rubbish you would expect to find in the age of Ted Talks and clickbait. Your readers are short-attention-span cavemen in need of escapism from their shit lives, so you need to 'hack their brain' because dopamine and evolution and...plus it's so terribly written. So lousy with cliche, so shallow on every level. Blech.
  10. LimpyLoo

    Now Reading

    Henri Bergson's (poorly-titled) Two Sources of Morality and Religion is a beautiful book in the same ballpark. (James was a fan of Bergson and vice versa).
  11. LimpyLoo

    Now Reading

    Yeah P&R is fucking brutal--it definitely requires some secondary sources. Luckily a bunch of the main ideas are paraphrased in Adventures of Ideas. ('a nExuS of SociEtieS of acTual OccaSsiOns!$?!!') But Jesus I own so many 1,000-page tomes that I've yet to read. I've got a squirrel-brain with books, where I just buy as many books as I possibly can. I read like 2-3hrs/day (no job lol) and I still can't put a dent in my book collection.
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