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Lotide - Moonless


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Really digging this album, nice mix of samples, interesting percussion and ambient soundscapes. Same label that released 1991's debut on cassette last year, though this is far less lo-fi imo but a similar vibe.


Full stream at Dummy http://www.dummymag.com/new-music/2013/03/28/premiere-lotide-moonless-album-stream/


I was keeping an eye on their bandcamp page but looks like boomkat is taking pre-orders for the cassette now, digital download on April 1.



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Yeah to me it really dives into a more leftfield downtempo sound - it's not super heavy on heavy beats like a lot of LA beat stuff, it's not too lo-fi either nor blantantly "dark" as much of the witch-house artists are. A bit more akin to some hauntology artists - some of the tracks remind me of Demdike or Broadcast, the kind of samples that sound familiar and are probably mined from some obscure library music, films, or old lounge or exotica albums.

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