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Michael Mantra - Mountain / Stream


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Picked this up today and really enjoying so far. I skimmed through the remixes earlier and they sound great too. I'm trying to figure out what the source material is for Mountain, which I'm assuming is wind recordings.

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This is an absolutely amazing release, by far the best album released so far this year (imho).

So much ambient music these days lacks atmosphere and depth, but the two original MM-tracks on this cd are the most insanely wide-screen soundscapes I might've heard on stereo equipment.

And the extra two hours of dub techno remixes by Loscil, Anders Peterson, Ohrwert, Sonitus Eco, Djorvin Clain etc, which you get as bonus digital files, are really adding something to the experience. Perfect soundtrack to the first days of spring.


When it comes to Mr Mantra I had only heard the stuff he has released with Rod Modell. Is his earlier solo material worth checking out?

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