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Buying some original electronica


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Im looking for a productor of electronica (BoC, Autechre, and so on) to buy a original song. It is intended to use as the OST of one kickstarter project, so what I need is:


-One original song

-You to permit me use it in the kickstarter video


You don´t need to compose it from scratch, one that you have previously composed can be ok.


The proyect is about a quite innovative fractal laser proyector that you can see working here:



Please post links to your songs in this threat or send it to jc2046@gmail.com with using "laserdelic OST" as subject.


Im offering 100USD + 1 laserdelic if the project get funded.


The song will be credited in the video and the kickstarter briefing as well.

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I've been looking at your laserdelic project for a while now, and really wanted to get my hands on one - though I've been way too extravagant with my expenses of late !


One track we've done that I thought might represent your hyperkinetic effect from your machine is this - http://buy.ilovecubus.co.uk/track/chaffron-bevron-we-know-nothing-else


I could make a version without any vocal samples too if that'd fit better

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