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  1. LOL at the newbies. It´s not FX.
  2. I can smell a fart of AFX from a 30000 feet, and that one doesn´t smell to the precise aphexian bioflora but tastes crunchy... Following
  3. Is Mark Zuckerberg underrated?
  4. I would give 1 kilo of beans to a sumo player, then I would wait for him to do the digestion. Then I would sniff the farts and call it a day. No music but quality farts.
  5. I hope he releases a remaster of the remastered vinyl that was previousuly un-mastered from videotape of a youtube leaked masturbated monkey-bot acoustic instrument
  6. %Launches thermonuclear bomb all over the forum%
  7. %Press suicide button compulsively%
  8. Richard should do a collab with Antonio Imagine RDJ filling the gaps over that percussion. 4:15 mins cummin all over the place
  9. You need a vocoder and loads of talent a 300 pounds opera singer
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