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  1. so happy he's gone back to proper squarepusher style, sounds fucking wicked. bundle ordered!
  2. not very funny, seen it before, mods close thread.
  3. we need an update on this. the wait is really starting to get to me now. don't make me post a link to THAT other thread bro.
  4. and another thing...(sorry) even if the Tories win and Boris gets his deal through, that is in no way the end of anything. It's the beginning of the 2 year transition phase where the actual real negotiation will happen on all the minute details. It is highly likely these negotiations will fail and again we'll be looking at leaving the EU with no deal, which won't get agreement of parliament, and so the transition period will be extended, and so more negotiations and on and on with no end in sight, probably ever. you want this over with as quickly as possible and the best deal for the UK? vote for a remain candidate and party and maybe we'll be able to call this whole sorry mess off, and really be able to move forward and start addressing all the other serious issues facing this country.
  5. edit edit: and when I say aligned, I don't just mean aligned on Brexit. i'd wager that's there's probably not much else you agree with the Conservatives other than "get Brexit done" because you're utterly fed up of it. you said yourself that you're mainly a Liberal, so an assuming normally you'd vote Lib Dem or Labour? but you're thinking Tories just to get this over with? pretty bleak thinking... fuck all that "will of the people" shit, it was all lies mate.
  6. don't vote for the leader, vote for the policies. you said Jo Swinson is "well fucking annoying"... and what, fucking Boris Johnson isn't?? Or Michael Gove?? Get the fuck outta here... Is it because Jo Swinson is a woman and Boris is "funny" or some inane shit like that? Whatever, I'll take well annoying over the tories every time, if the party she represents has the right policies. edit: or at least a good deal of policies I agree with, more than I agree with the other parties policies... you're never gonna find a party you agree with 100%, just got to try and find one you're most aligned with.
  7. oi don't fucking vote conservative mate. please. just don't do it for the love of all that is holy.
  8. lol previous one was pretty fucking sexy. new guy seems really nice though to be honest, trustworthy.
  9. I may or may not also work for company in question.
  10. Lib Dems giving away 5000 free texts a month. Conservatives free Sky Movies.
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