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  1. ordered! such a good label, needs more love.
  2. BCM


    lol at that twitter clip. woman is a right loony.
  3. BCM

    Game of Thrones

    just watched it...pretty meh yeah. meh. looking forward to The Adventures of Arya.
  4. BCM


    they don't only encourage the rich to pursue a degree though...i believe attendance at university from all income levels is rising and tuition fees are not seen as a huge problem by most. personally i don't agree with them and would bring back the grant system, but i don't think tuition fees are some kind of attack on the working classes or whatever.
  5. BCM


    they didn't stand with their thumb up their arse at all. if anything they tempered the tories more extreme policies and were a force for good in the cabinet during the coalition years. inevitable that someone will bring up tuition fees in a minute. on that one, whilst obviously it was disappointing - they have paid a huge price and learned lessons from it. also they probably didn't have a lot of choice in the matter if they wanted some of their other policies to be accepted by the conservatives. they chose to concede on that to win in other areas. with hindsight that was the wrong thing to concede on, but like i said - lesson learned.
  6. BCM


    lib dems are a very well established party with their views on most issues being known already. they are climate focused, believe strongly in equality in all areas, have progressive and sensible stances on drugs and crime, and are centrist for the most part. more egalitarian and less socialist than labour, sensible on business and would be less likely to crash the whole economy into the ground a la mr corbyn.
  7. BCM

    The Bro

    nice tuff junglist bizniss.
  8. you not watching it either then?
  9. don't think I'll be watching this time, quite over it. nothing to do with israel or anything, just not feeling it. last year was mainly just boring... so i'm going to make some tracks instead.
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