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  1. BCM


    unfortunately runaway global warming due to melting of the permafrost and release of massive amounts of methane is extremely likely to happen. it will be catastrophic and humanity will be lucky to survive in even a basic way. this is why i'm not having kids. truly... we're fucked. totally fucked. and not in a thousand years or some shit, in less than 100, probably less than 50. we all know it. deep down we all know it.
  2. fuck all the forums and subforums. let's just have one thread for everything.
  3. BCM

    Warning points

    troon was the main reason gwc and rdj fell out and closed down rephlex.
  4. yeah no more big anything. i'd fuck that idea off entirely and go with genre based subforums - techno, drum and bass, acid, electro etc. bit like a record shop.
  5. the subforms do need an overhaul imo. aphex and ae are the only ones with much point anymore, but i kind of think the whole idea of a "big 5" or whatever of "IDM" artists is old hat and a bit embarrassing.
  6. cwmbrancity you're being a dickhead, what gives? you trying to get banned or something? go out in a blaze of glory?
  7. I'm too old for this shit
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