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  1. BCM


    Shit https://imgur.com/gallery/Gkl1wJ1
  2. BCM


  3. man i fucking love anchovies on pizza
  4. home made effort. pepperoni, mushroom, black olive, anchovy. seriously one of the best pizzas i've had in fucking ages.
  5. jesus fucking christ this is appalling news. RIP my man.
  6. BCM

    gary numan

    dingformung and ivan ooze i totally love you both and i'm not really mad, i'm just being a silly billy. all is love and all is good.
  7. BCM

    gary numan

    also I like both tec and tim j. can you both stop fucking bickering.
  8. BCM

    gary numan

    don't be a dick mate, this sort of pretty squabbling is the reason i don't like it here any more. you could have said nothing innit.
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