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  1. WHY IS NOBODY SMILING?? it's doing my fucking head in...look at 'em all! just look at them. what the fuck has happened to everyone? jesus christ i can't watch anymore. too sad :(
  2. where's all the happy people? where's anybody sweating? where's the people passing water bottles to other people? where's the gurning? where's somebody throwing shapes with wide eyes whilst chewing gum? fucking nowhere. awful. fucking idiots. fuck this shit, glad i'm not there.
  3. this lot would have been terrified in the technodrome at helter skelter new year's eve '96. none of them seem to know what to do, or how to dance, or in fact have any kind of fun whatsoever.
  4. the crowd is shit though, isn't helping. hardly anybody smiling, most just vaguely bobbing their head around a bit with their eyes closed.
  5. well I've been listening and i must say it's pretty uninspiring. most people look bored.
  6. Who found chart success in 1963 with their hit single "Sweets for My Sweet"?
  7. not actually that bad at all considering.
  8. never really liked the film that much, tried watching this as well but still didn't like it, so turned it off.
  9. what about this highly amusing member we have now called "The Magic Autist". he's hilarious isn't he? what a funny name.
  10. just seen a story claiming boris is considering breaking the law and leaving anyway, without a deal. if true he is genuinely risking ending up in prison over this. lol.
  11. thick. they're thick people lynn.
  12. some nicely produced classic hard house indeed, thanks for posting. i used to occasionally listen to the likes of blu peter, tony de vit, lisa lashes etc. when i fancied a bit of a party years ago. these days not so much though lol.
  13. can you link this acapella site? sounds deece
  14. they're all just really really thick unfortunately. thick and racist.
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