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  1. BCM


    what am I looking at? it's like a maurits c. escher painting...
  2. Ctrlr is also good and works on PC https://ctrlr.org/tag/jv1080/
  3. it's not a simple synthesiser to edit tbh. you need some editing software (e.g. this one: https://coffeeshopped.com/patch-base/editor/roland/jv-1080) and there are a multitude of parameters to play with. more akin to editing a complex FM synth.
  4. BCM


    Mellow Covid vibes
  5. all of the things they have reported were also reported in The Telegraph as well, just with a more muted headline.
  6. also lol get outta town with that shit. you trippin'
  7. what ignorance tho? all I am advocating is that (mainly) you, but some others, calm down a bit and try to not totally freak out. how is that a bad thing? like, you want to be in a state of total fear all the time? what good is that going to do? not saying that this isn't a serious issue at all, just don't believe that thinking the worst, and purposely seeking out terrifying news stories is helpful or achieves anything other than stressing yourself (and others) out, to no practical end. if you can't understand that, maybe you shouldn't be throwing around the ignorant label quite so much.
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