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  1. BCM


    bacon and banana works well together
  2. BCM

    The Bro

    2nd one is nice, nice jungle, nicely produced.
  3. looks real nice, but just too fucking strong man... prob would be better to lengthen it with something or use sparingly in a cocktail
  4. BCM


    A strange track. I make no apologies.
  5. last time I was in a standard kebab house after a night on the beer, I got started on by an angry Irish traveller. I managed to avoid fighting by apologising a lot and staying calm (outwardly)....still not sure how i avoided a beating though to be honest.
  6. yeah I know what it is, but like, what the fuck.
  7. what the fuck is this?
  8. I went for a Turkish meal tonight. No doner kebab. Fuck that shit.
  9. £3300....I could get one if I sold half my synths.
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