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Need Video Game Music!


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Hi folks,


My team is wrapping up a couple of modest games and we're looking for help with music (and voice over and effects too, but probably best to treat that as a separate issue for now). One game is actually more of an interactive children's book, the other is a type of "endless runner". Both are aimed at children or casual players, and have a generally upbeat vibe, so we're looking for something melodic and nintendo-y, not NiN-Quake-ish.


Since these games were "labors of love" and aren't necessarily marketable (we also have zero marketing budget), they'll probably make very little money, so our production budget has been correspondingly extremely stingy. Ideally I'd love to find someone willing to contribute tunes for free, in exchange for prominent placement in the game credits. Or maybe we can work something out where we pay you back after the games are released. I guess it all depends on if we can find the right person, and how much time they want to put in. These are our company's first two games, so there's the potential to build a longer term relationship, as we plan to make more games in the future.


I actually asked for help on watmm a long time ago but that was before the games were in a showable state, so it was all too theoretical. Also all my pm's from that time got deleted, so I'll need to start afresh (sorry to those of you who replied to me before, if you're interested please re-send!)


Both games have placeholder music and fx already, which should help to understand the type of sound we're going for (though the style is not set in stone and there's wiggle room for inspiration for sure).


If anyone is interested please send me a pm. I'm happy to share the games themselves with anyone who shows serious interest and has an ipad: all I will need is a UDID number and we can send you a playable version.


Thanks in advance!


Here are some screenshots from both games:













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