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Guest swerZZZ



After several years in the darkness, breakcore figurehead and bass guitar virtuoso Squarepusher returns to the limelight, pulling along with him four new tracks to bless the eardrums of the common folk, as well as two new remixes, courtesy of prolific mashcore artist Shitmat, and the iconic Aphex Twin


1. wifi
2. wifi (aphex twin remix)
3. benny
4. benny (shitmat remix)
5. come on my selector (dubstep remix)
6. junglist






Looks like fake but who knows with all that Caustic Window's LP obsession...

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Guest jasondonervan

Is this Tom having a sly dig at the whole Kickstarter business? :watmm:



Sidenote: that's a funkysouls redirect you've got going on in your link there

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