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  1. https://soundcloud.com/ilkae/frame-drop blows autechre out the water i reckon
  2. Speculating new album to coincide with these on release date
  3. Another one. Enjoy :) Korg DW8000 Boss SP303 MPC 1000 Roland JX03 Roland JU06
  4. Been a bit slack, here's another one I did yesterday Korg DW8000 Boss SP303 MPC 1000 Roland JX03
  5. What's the microwave thing to the left?
  6. Has anyone got a fresh download link for the tracks? I have the first 150 odd but missing the 180 or so after that. Really keen to get, loving this early stuff. Particularly amazed at what he achieved multi tracking live at such a young age. "See you again" is the jam
  7. same. not sure if he put up the diff version intentionally or not
  8. White Gold - Quite good laugh. First series i've watched in ages
  9. Thanks for listening. I'll leave for now, maybe EQ another version later, think it's better now personally New jam made today. Enjoy :) https://soundcloud.com/asergh/29-jun-17-small-jam-normalised-eqd MPC1000 Novation BS2 Korg DW8000
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