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  1. Formant Potaton is just the right amount of robovox. amazing, underrated album!
  2. foobar is far beyond any other player i've tried. owns
  3. guess it's the quite high (still) barrier to entry
  4. "Danny Elfman is a living legend and I was thrilled to be asked to do a remix for him," added Squarepusher. "I chose 'We Belong' partly because it's in E flat, which is a nice escape from guitar-friendly tonalities, and also because I was especially drawn to the vocal elements. For instrumentation I used some of my old analogue hardware including a Yamaha CS-80." https://metalinjection.net/av/new-music/danny-elfman-drops-squarepusher-remix-of-we-belong?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  5. those are the ones so far from this "era" that I know of
  6. looks like he browsed the Thomann's "most popular" synth list and just bought all of them
  7. https://aleksiperala.bandcamp.com/track/uk74r1510019
  8. for real varied discussion of music, use xltronic
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