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  1. push2 + max4live = endless fun, basically all you need
  2. hm, i don't know actually. the first thing you mention is what i use it for. good enough!
  3. pizza


    Rip this site
  4. i get this, however ableton recording midi in the background without having to press record which was introduced a few versions ago is extremely useful if you're using ableton as a sequencer
  5. cba to read this entire thread, but we should have a like/thumbs up icon for liking posts, the heart doesn't always fit
  6. highly relate to this after having been stuck in home office for 1 year+. I've always been into hardware synths and sequencers, but now even more so. last place I wanna be after work is at the comp
  7. Doesn’t look that ergonomic, really? Dunno
  8. yeah, there's no problem. worst case scenario is that WARP will tag it and get royalties
  9. might've been made before he broke his arm, but I think it's been like a few years already since that happened
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