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  1. haven't tried the synth, but all I've ever read about it is praise, so it must be p good!
  2. I was thinking more like a first edition limited vinyl thing, like that Collapse EP silver thingie. but he did mention adding extra trax. looking forward to those ! ! !
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    first time listening on speakers. this is how you listen to this
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    https://www.amazon.com/dp/B081KRTJCH/ref=sr_1_24?qid=1574193944&refinements=p_32%3ASquarepusher&s=music&sr=1-24 After a 5 year hiatus that has seen him delve into a range of diverse musical projects, Squarepusher will return with new album, Be Up A Hello. After exciting fans with his hour long mix of brain-melting breakbeat and jungle for Warp's 30th anniversary NTS takeover in June, expectation has been bubbling away for official new material. The album sees Tom Jenkinson getting back to using analogue hardware, the same equipment that first helped him develop his sound in the early '90's to craft nine new pieces which chart a journey into harder and darker territory. From rinsing breakbeat tracks such as Nervelevers and Terminal Slam to darker moments such as Vortrack and Mekrev Bass, the album illustrates Tom's continuing fascination with finely balanced psychological overload. As such, 'Be Up A Hello' gives a nod to the mayhem, joyousness and abandon of the DIY Essex rave scene that was a strong determinant in Tom's work.
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    the Vic-20 has been mentioned in a few interviews as one of his earliest forays into electronic music.
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    more "clues": first date on the site is april 1st 2019 vic acid ep was released april 1st 1997 that is all
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    7 days between each date next date: 24th nov
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    Domain Name: VICACID.NETUpdated Date: 2019-03-29T15:52:54ZCreation Date: 2019-03-29T15:52:53Z
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