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  1. coolest album ever made
  2. FF7 poster is a perfect addition
  3. He’s actually said on multiple occasions that «one day they’ll come out» (talking about his archived tracks)
  4. The thread title nearly gave a heart attack
  5. Wasn’t it supposed to be only temporarily available or something?
  6. pizza


    it's gonna be a CD repress
  7. Working like that is still hella inspiring in 2020. trackers ❤️????????
  8. pizza


    a new go plastic-y image has been uploaded to the site. to me, the go plastic album art always felt like the view of Tom through the eyes of his machines.
  9. love the vibe of this release. one of my earliest forays into aphex and still a personal fav. unique!
  10. this owns, a major part of working in an office.
  11. Would love to save presents on my synths
  12. do you have experience with one? would love to hear some thoughts
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