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  1. listen to the sound of this album, then put on go plastic afterwards. can't believe it's the same pair of ears who did both.
  2. https://thequietus.com/articles/27612-squarepusher-interview-2
  3. i'm ready for SEB2 if it's as good as this:
  4. and the Vicsynth track which I think is one of the best of the bunch
  5. ufab/damogen was basically made for the live setting, so it makes sense
  6. remember to move vacuum garden to the end of the tracklist and you're good 2 go excellent album, might be top 3 squarepush
  7. convert any song into the smallest mp3-file possible and it turns into IDM
  8. it's cool to multitrack gear, but I prefer to mix on the fly and jam with a proper mixer. a midi-controller for controlling the mixer in my DAW while multitrack-recording can work in a smiliar fashion OK
  9. haven't tried the synth, but all I've ever read about it is praise, so it must be p good!
  10. I was thinking more like a first edition limited vinyl thing, like that Collapse EP silver thingie. but he did mention adding extra trax. looking forward to those ! ! !
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